March 26, 2012

Another Birthday

Just to be clear, I am here for the sole purpose of whining.

I realize this is an absolutely abhorrent thing to do. That said, my gums are killing me, and my stomach hurts, and I'm lonely. And I'm 19, which is apparently exciting or something.

I'm getting tired of watching TV. It's too passive. I've tried to do homework, but my brain is too foggy for physics (can't even do the first problem for either class), and differential equations only has an incomplete problem set out, and I really don't feel like listening to my linear algebra teacher talk anymore, even if it is at 7x the speed on my computer.

I refuse to believe that VLC is actually multiplying the speed by 7, though. Because there is no way he actually talks that slow...right? I mean, I sit in class, and it feels too slow, but I really didn't think it was that too slow, if I'm making any sense at all.

Anyways, I've already plowed through an entire season of Doctor Who (like, actually plowed through. Watched all but the first three episodes in one day. I am actually starting to scare myself).

I just want to read, or do something, but my entire head feels tight and achy and why did I say that I had to get my wisdom teeth out, again? Seriously, I was in far less pain before, this is entirely unnecessary. Can we put them back in? Please?