January 23, 2009

The HIV Conspiracy

Personally, I went a very long time without knowing that an Aids Conspiracy even existed. Apparently one does, and it is remarkably stupid. I firs-

ooooh! family movie time! Tea-out, I'm off to watch Hellboy. See y'alls later. Have a viral link

Get it? viral? like about viruses?
I crack myself up sometimes.

January 22, 2009

Word Bubbles

Yay cool online tools! This is Wordle, a thing-a-majiggy that makes pretty word clouds with cool fonts and fun colors. At left is the Wordle of this blog. They take words (other than stuff like "the" and "a") and score them according to number of uses, size them accordingly, then you can mess with stuff like arrangement, font and color. It is, to say the least, a very entertaining time waster.

Peace out y'all.

January 18, 2009


Today, my primary activity is rewriting a paper for my United States History class, so I'm devoting a large amount of time to time wasters. One of these is mahjong, which I gave up on, as I've gotten no closer to beating it. The other is Scribbler. This is a nifty little drawing tool, located here. You scribble some lines, adjust the settings, and wait until an awesome picture appears before your eyes. It is, to say the least, incredibly cool. The systems has two major flaws: any changes to the settings apply to the whole picture, so you can't make different sections different colors, and you can't save your work. However, here's a  of screeeny of mine.

January 14, 2009


"Are Anne McCaffrey's Pern books fantasy because they have telepathic dragons, or science fiction because the dragons are supposed to be genetically engineered by space travelers?"-Prof. Orzel

this struck me as hilarious, although I'm uncertain as to why.


Coming of Age is a very strange process. I can tell that I'm growing up, thinking more like an adult, feeling more polite, detached from some of the rudeness of my peers, and just kind of beyond it all, and I've noticed that inner war between holding on to my youth and trying to be an adult. It's a bit like reading an extremely detailed young adult novel, only more confusing, and without the simple story arc.
I think I'm glad that I only have to grow up once.

In other news, this clip is hilarious. It's a couple of high school aged guys attempting to demonstrate to their principal what, exactly, qualifies as dirty dancing. Notable lines include such noteworthy phrases as "I'm touching his butt," and when the pair are slow dancing around in a circle I was pretty much cracking up.

Most of the postings about it have noted pedophilish urges towards the boys. Well, I'm about their age, so it wouldn't be pedophilia for me, but I didn't find them sexy at all. I thought they were funny, but I didn't particularly want to see them get into each other's pants. It could be all the washed out blondness that isn't generally my thing, or it could be that if they actually went to my school I'd think they were douchebags, but considering how generally keyed up I've been for the past few days, it was kind of surprising.

Regardless, it's a hilarious video. Watch it.

January 13, 2009

My Laziness

Well, would you look at that. I haven't written in a very, very long time. I've been too busy reading. And writing papers. Although I did get in a little bit of work on writing for me during the holiday break. It's funny how whenever I get busy, writing is the first thing I stop doing, even though its one of my favorite activities. It's masochistic in the same way that I refuse to play piano until I finish my homework.

In other news, I officially love Justine Chen Headley. I just read and thoroughly enjoyed Girl Overboard, which was fun to read and left me with a feeling of girl power for a few days after I finish it. Even if it's the character who's awesome and not me, it's still enjoyable. And it's nice to read about someone who has plenty of money and isn't a total snob like the girls in A-list and Gossip Girl.

But for now- back to midterms!