December 19, 2010

A Party for the Holy Days, pt. 1

For the past few days, I've been in D.C., preparing the RSI christmas party. We had a buttload of people come (and, unfortunately, a lot of people who didn't (miss you Leila, Zsa, and everybody else)). Apparently there's a number of people who want more mentions here, who I'm going to need to talk about, but I haven't had a good sleep in a considerable number of hours, so it's hard to keep track. I'm also going to have to share the spreadsheet...I'm starting to think it'd be a good idea to compile RSI nicknames separately, but, well, effort. Meh.

Anyways, I went in with Hyumni and Gopika--though I've pretty much been with Hyumni nonstop, since she's staying with me--and Gopika was, per usual, completely and utterly exhausted. Hyumni and I came bearing unnecessary chocolates, but the trip was fun (including the $20 cab fair *insert emoticon involving Html-prohibited characters here*). We arrived in a relatively punctual manner, and then I, at least, proceeded to spend a good long while trying to reacquaint myself with everybody.

I had no idea how awkward it was all going to be (I love that you're all going to see this now and be like "lol, Tea's awkward", but that's hardly news). It's weird to see all of these people and assimilate the changes in the social structure--i.e. who I've been talking to online along with who I used to talk to in person. It turned out to be alrgiht--I ended up in a crew of ten-ish people fighting over couch space. We spend a solid quantity of time ignoring Ash because he had skipped Rocky Horror to sleep (laaaame), as he was planning to skip the majority of this event. Ash decided to rebel by trying to steal James's spot, which, naturally, involved forcing James horizontal, lying down on top of somewhat-horizontal James, wedging James's head into my collarbone (ouch) and Ash's head into my skull (double ouch), and me into Iditri, who was actually relatively untroubled by this complete invasion of personal space.

Ash caved before James did, so we all managed to keep our spots, but our ability to keep Ash from sleeping turned out to be very, very limited. We eventually left the couch--videogamers took over the TV, and it's very difficult to resist the lure and remain in the same room, so we moved first to the third floor (we here refers me, James, Greg, Hyunmi, Iditri, Zorah, and Tramar). We spread out on the fantabulously plush carpet, and Zorah started fiddling about with her laptop. James, Tramar and I spread out under the table, and I continued making Greg pass me things (he's very useful like that), and I don't totally remember this portion of time, other than that I recall being very comfortable.

This shall be finished at a later date, because I am so goshdarned tired.

December 11, 2010

Shopping For Shirtsies

Please note that I am not actually purchasing said shirts...just looking for geeky ones. Some awesomes:

  • A Fibonacci BUNNIES
  • Our beloved Ginny probably likes this one
  • Awesome on a number of levels
  • Someday, I will exist in an environment where I can wear shirts that say things like "bitches" on them'
  • Chemistry win
  • Physics win
  • If it weren't for the inaccurate Bohr model of the atom and the color I can't quite pull off, I would want this shirt
  • Kathrya would like this one
  • And one for Julie
  • Lolz
  • Redundancy!
  • This one may never get old.
Okeedokee, that's enough for now.

December 5, 2010



1) I am way too busy
2) The people involved in them always seem really into it. I take one look at romantic and think "sappy, sappy, sappy." Unless it's in romance novels, but even then, there are times when I just end up yelling NARM in my head. Like I did out loud during the HP7 movie when Ron was going on and on and on about that ball of light. For reals, I'm a big Ron/Hermione shipper, and I thought it was too much.
3) That busy thing, again.
4) I can't remember the last time I had free time.
5) But really, if I did, I'd rather spend it reading webcomics.
6) We'll ignore the fact that my last relationship did a very good job subsisting on webcomics.
7) Including during the breakup.
8) That goddamned idiot.
9) Seriously, if that's what high school has to offer, I am more than happy to leave it alone.


  1. I am smart.
  2. But not smart enough to only work hard enough to skate by.
  3. In fact, even when I could work a lot less hard than I do, I put in a lot of effort.
  4. I like to think of it as dedication.
  5. Also, I'm kind of trying to hold down jobs.
  6. It's a fun time.
  7. I talk online too much.
  8. I don't know how to "reflect" in a timely fashion.
  9. I take too much time to draft my English papers.
  10. I get distracted and read books.
  11. I get distracted and play tetris.
  12. I develop headaches and lie down.
  13. I don't have effective time management skills.
  14. Except when I do have effective time management skills, but then I forget to eat
  1. Scones are really filling
  2. I've eaten five scones during the course of the day.
  3. After eating half a pack of blueberries, I forgot to eat breakfast.
  4. Then we had Channukah Brunch at 2:30.
  5. At that point, it didn't make sense to eat dinner.
  6. Then I wrote my Lit X paper again.
  7. That made me forget about food
  1. I really want to go to MIT
  2. I applied early action to MIT
  3. I don't actually know when the early action decision comes out
  4. It's probably not far enough away for me to finish my list of things I need to get done by that date.
  5. My college essays are crappy.
  6. If I don't get into MIT, I'm going to cry, and I don't particularly enjoy crying.
  7. My room looks like a tornado blew though.
  8. No, seriously, a tornado. It's getting really bad.
  9. All I want to do is read.
  10. Then sleep.
  11. I miss sleep.
  12. Also, I want to sit at home and work instead of going to school.
  13. Because school is not productive, and I need to have complete productivity until I finish this shit.
  14. I'm actually kind of looking forward to winter break, because even if I don't get in early anywhere, I can work uninterrupted. Kind of.
  1. Probability states that I will get into MIT
  2. Even if I don't get into MIT, I have lots of solid backup plans, and it's a hard school to get into, and no one will think less of me if I don't get in.
  3. If anyone does think less of me, I will take them down.
  4. Well, I'll try to get Nyx to beat them up, which is kind of the same thing.
  5. I have super awesome friends (like Nyx), who would totally be mean to people if people were mean to me.
  6. People are not, generally, particularly mean to me. As a nerd, I could have it a lot worse.
  7. Early Action decisions might come out late, in which case I'll have more time to finish my to do list.
  8. I will edit my college essays until they are not crappy.
  9. I always get all my work done. This will be no exception.
  10. I can sleep when I'm dead.
  11. I can also sleep next semester.
  12. It's almost CHRISTMAS PARTY TIME
  13. and then it's CHRISTMAS TIME
  15. WHOOO
  16. YAY

December 2, 2010

I wish that I wrote something other than college essays

Because then I would have interesting things to put here. As it is, all I have are not-so-interesting stories, bad jokes, and rants over nothingness.

I think I'll go write a backpost.

December 1, 2010

I do not want to do my homework

I don't want to deal with life, or my endless to do list, or my room, or my family, or really just about anything.

I hate that I get like this sometimes, and I hate that I don't know what triggers it. I just need to stay calm, and keep working, and hope that it all blows over by the morning.

Which it will. Because it always does. Then, in another week, all I'll want to do is curl up in the fetal position and cry, like I do now.

I hate feeling like an emo teenager. When I say that I want to be "more normal", I mean that I want to drive around on Saturday nights with a car full of screaming teenagers, and dance like a maniac to bad pop songs, and sigh over boys, and cry about silly things, and be rude to my parents and talk on the phone too long and maybe, every now and then, actually fail a test.

Sometimes, I want to stop being responsible, and figure out what living is. As Louise Gluck wrote in Meadowlands, "Those/with the smallest hearts have/the greatest freedom" (Penelope's Stubbornness). Because if I didn't care for the world, or my future, or my family, or my friends, or the people who care, I would run off somewhere and die in an errant attempt to find myself.

What has the world come to, that teenagers suffer from midlife crises?