December 11, 2010

Shopping For Shirtsies

Please note that I am not actually purchasing said shirts...just looking for geeky ones. Some awesomes:

  • A Fibonacci BUNNIES
  • Our beloved Ginny probably likes this one
  • Awesome on a number of levels
  • Someday, I will exist in an environment where I can wear shirts that say things like "bitches" on them'
  • Chemistry win
  • Physics win
  • If it weren't for the inaccurate Bohr model of the atom and the color I can't quite pull off, I would want this shirt
  • Kathrya would like this one
  • And one for Julie
  • Lolz
  • Redundancy!
  • This one may never get old.
Okeedokee, that's enough for now.


Ginny said...

I love all of those shirts.

Julie said...

I saw someone with that shirt at one of those MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center tours. It made my life.