June 14, 2010

The Obligatory Scheduling Post

This upcoming year, I have three options.

My first choice:
1 AP English
2 free/fiction
4 AP spanish
5 AP physics c
6 multi bc
7 mid east/free
8 AP chem

My second and third choices (I'm not sure, at this point, which is second and which is third.)

1 ap english
2 ap chem
3 free/fiction
4 spanish (I'm tired of writing ap all the time)
5 physics
6 multi
7 mid east/free
8 asr

1 english
2 chem
3 asr
4 spanish
5 physics
6 multi
7 mid east/free
8 fiction/free

Let us take a moment to note the fact that I have singletons periods 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

If I still have any readers left, please inform me of what classes you will be in (particularly in my 2nd and 3rd choice schedules so as to serve as a dividing factor between the two).


Julie said...

1. english
2. chem
3. orchestra
4. spanish
5. econ
6. intro to programming/east asian
7. asr
8. stat

or switch asr and stat.

vicky/bruney said...

I think this is my first choice...

1. Italian 4
2. AP Biology
3. BritLit/Free
4. AP Statistics
5. Free/Web Programming
7. MiddleEast/Irish Lit
8. AP Calculus AB

various other switches w/ bio and stat

ugh: all those annoying English and Social Studies reqs...
But....MiddEast with Opmin!!

Ginny said...

This is tentative (and ordered with preferred order in mind):

1. French
2. Econ/Physics/English
3. Bio*
4. free/Gov/MidEast
5. Physics/Econ
6. Multi
7. MidEast/free/Gov
8. Eng/Econ

Stuff with no / means I've got no choice in the matter.

*Does not exist yet. I'm signed up for EastAsian/African/Drawing right now.

That means (possibly):

Physics/Multi/MidEast/free with Tea
Econ with Julie
MidEast with Vicky

vicky/bruney said...

^^ @Ginny
I just switched into AP Bio during the conflict resolution thing (my conflict was, I really want to be in Bio but I didn't sign up for it...!!)

So, I know that there are at least 6 remaining seats in AP Bio (My GC said 7 before I took one) so maybe if you talked to your guidance counselor soon they'd let you switch before arena...if not, my GC said all other add/drops had to be done in the fall...

Gretchen said...

1. lit
2. free/east asian
3. orchestra
4. free or stat
5. spanish
6. multi
7. free or stat
8. chem

only 4 and 7 can possibly change

Ginny said...

I can't sign up right now because I haven't even taken normal bio yet, which I plan to do over the summer (maybe, somehow). But I've pretty much gotten it approved by the science head, so I think/hope it'll work out.


Also possible:

Multi/free with Gretchen.

Why do you people have so many singletons?

Nyx said...

So basically, I'll see you all in multi (except vicky). And make new friends everywhere else...
1. Programming/Forensics
2. Physics
3. Film/Fiction
4. Anatomy
5. Franglais
6. Multi
7. Myth/Some Art Class
8. African/Psyche
On the bright side, arena will be a piece of cake!