November 5, 2010

Today, Today

Oh Friday. Beautiful Friday, lovely day at the end of an oh-so-lovely week.

Someone said something funny during Chem. But I don't remember what it was. It was probably something about how if you sit on a pencil hard enough and for long enough, you make diamonds. Fun fact!

Please disregard that at the forces that can be provided by the human body, this would take millions of years.

I'm currently at Cammie's house, hanging out with her and Kathrya. We're making cookie dough. To eat, like, just the dough. It's gonna be delicious.

I'm going to mention Nyx now. And the fact that I have an English essay to write this weekend. Because I'm trying to even out the tag numbers, even now.

Frisbee club was fun. Ginny is indecisive about everything, but it's a trait that's adorable in her and obnoxious in Rube. It's odd, how that happens.


Gretchen said...

Ha, don't talk to me about being indecisive.

Ginny said...

How was the cookie dough?

I think it's the out-of-controlness of these past few months. That's why we're all (okay, not everyone, I suppose) indecisive.

I am close, though, to a decision. And besides, I am so much better at choosing what to eat for lunch now!