August 14, 2011

Tired Complaints

Gedit doesn't work with this version of OS X. Spaces—pretty much my favorite feature of my desktop—doesn't work with this version of OS X. If my sister's computer didn't come with an install disk, I'm going to attempt to get this baby to revert back to whatever the four-year-old version of OS X is called, because this is infuriating. I don't fucking care about intuitive operating systems—my laptop is not an iphone. I do not want my laptop to be an iphone, I want my laptop to be a laptop. I like some of the funcitonality—being able to do all those multitouch gestures with the trackpad is nice—but from what I've seen so far, even getting ubuntu to run on this machine is going to be a trial.

Shelby's being annoying again. She lost her ipod ages ago, refuses to pay to get a new one, and is bugging me to use mine. Well, would be bugging me—I gave her a very curt “no”, and she fortunately decided not to pursue the subject, so I get to continue to be angry here.

Greg's probably going to text me immediately telling me to switch to Windows. I'm going to install it—just need to decide how big to make the partition. I have 750 GB to work with, just need to figure out the proper allocations. This is going to turn into a triple booted machine, I think. This fucking Lion thing is just annoying me too much. Although maybe I'll cave and pay the $20 for the downgraded version...all I know is that I want more customization than exists here. I want to be able to pull up an easily navigable display of all my windows with a key stroke, not the godawful application stacks I'm currently getting. I also want Spaces back. If I use four virtual desktops on my computer at home—which is at least twice the size of this one—than I bloody well need that many on a screen that is a quarter of the size. Currently, all my windows are piling up, and I've only even got four open.

I'm used to being able to have full control over my computer. Maybe that's just the familiarity with an operating system that I've gained over four years of use—maybe given sufficient time, I'd become familiar with Lion, and be able to do all those fancy schmancy tricks for desktop utilization. But right now, I don't have the internet access to search (fucking planes, charging for internet...although this one actually doesn't have wifi. Shelby keeps going on about how I'm “sooooo attached” to my laptop, but that's not accurate. I'm attached to the of these days I'm going to have to buy a droid, just to complete the image).

Ridiculous, isn't it. I decide to buy the Macbook Pro because I'm so sick of Windows that I want OS X (summerbook editing can do that to a girl), then I get OS X and decide it's not to my liking, so I'm likely going to end up on Linux anyways. Ah, well. I like linux quite a bit, and I'm going to like being able to have something a little more malleable to work with. Plus the macbook is still shiny, and the keyboard is backlit and the touchpad is a bit nicer (I think) than I would have gotten with the toshiba. Not to mention the warranty and whatnot, though I'm not sure how helpful that is if I start messing around with my operating system.

It is what it is, I guess. Not much to be done about it, not really, not much can be done beyond complaining. I love the feel of the Mac, I just really, really dislike the new operating system. I really need to get my hands on the previous one, or I need to find someone who knows how to make this one act like the previous one...or I'll install some linux distro that behaves like the previous one. That's probably the most likely.

I'll just go on complaining, though. It's not like anyone really minds. Well, if anyone really does mind, it's not like I'm forcing them to read...seriously, I kept writing this baby even when I thought no one was reading it, and then I have four people tell me they have been. If that doesn't make a girl feel loved, I really don't know what would.


Anonymous said...

Hasn't "Spaces" been replaced by "Mission Control" -- does pretty much the same thing but with a new name?

I hate Lion, too.

Anonymous said...

Dual- or triple-booting with Bootcamp is supposed to be fairly easy, from what I hear. If you're worried about breaking things, I can try and help out in a couple weeks, but you should be able to do just fine with an online guide. People are also already making apps to undo some of the more annoying changes in Lion; see for one example.

- Greg

"James" said...

You probably knew I was going to say this, but that's more or less exactly the main reason I like Linux: choice and non-babying. Incidentally, though, if you like Spaces, Windows may not help there – it's one of the relatively few good features of Linux and OS X that they haven't copied yet, I don't think. Of course, if you need help dual-booting, you're welcome to call/text/whatever, but it could be a bit difficult to do over the phone, since I've never tried to dual-boot a Mac before. But I would think dual-booting Windows and dual-booting Ubuntu are likely to be about equally easy or hard.

Tea said...

@Anon: No. Well, if you only use spaces for application sorting, yes, but I used it to create virtual workspaces. I could add any window to one of the four (well, I had four, other people had more) windows, so I could have a space where I was chatting with people, and if I wanted to be productive, I could switch over to where I kept all of my research materials open. It was wonderful and useful and I'm not sure I can turn this into a functional machine (for me personally) without it.

@Greg: If you select the name/url option before commenting you can type Greg in. And it's *supposed* to be easy, but I totally fucked up my desktop trying (I've still got a solid chunk of the hard drive that is completely inaccessible. I just used Lion Tweaks and I'm happier, but I still want spaces back.

@James: Either I'm going to attempt it while I'm at home (well, I'll probably attempt it while I'm at home), or when I get to

Tea said...

Okay, so I think I just found out how to make it work semi-properly. I am happier now.

Greg said...

Yay for working again! I've got a good bootable partition editor, if you want to try using that for the desktop-- it should be able to help recover lost sectors. I can try if you've got it up with you in about 2 weeks.

Also, if you want multiple desktops on Windows, I highly recommend Dexpot. It's got good customizable shortcuts and so on.