March 15, 2010

Another Stolen Questionnaire

They make me happy.

1. With black hair: Ginny, darling.
2. Younger than you: Genie
3. In your class: Gretchen
4. One of your best friends: Kathrya, as the others show up elsewhere.
5. Older than you: if Mario wasn't conspicuously located below, I'd pop him in here. I think I'll use Dino instead, since he just turned older than me last week.
6. That lives close to you: Nyx
7. With curly hair: Julie, of course
8. That lives far away: Rube, I suppose.
9. You are unduly fond of: Mario. As if that's news to anyone.
10. You dislike: Rachel. Which is silly- I am, clearly, so much better than her, I shouldn't expend the energy. Boris, then. He's infinitely more dislikable.

How old is Gretchen?
Sweet sixteen, just like me. Until soon! yay!

Are Mario and Ginny friends?
Not really, no. Actually, I'm not certain I've ever heard them have a conversation. I haven't heard him say anything mean about her, though. I mean, he doesn't generally say unduly mean things unless he's around Irving and Irving is saying mean things, but I can't say that Irving talks about Ginny, so no.

Does Genie have any pets?
Yup. A dog. Coincidentally, it is identical to my dog.

Why do you love Kathrya?
Because she's always willing to offer a hug or a kind word, and can make me laugh even when I'm crying.

Does Dino hate Kathrya?
Oh, most definitely. As he said today: ewwww Kathrya. I don't like Kathrya. (although that was more because I pointed out that he'd said her name without insulting her in the same sentence).
What is Nyx's weakness?
That spot on her neck that everyone has where you pass out if somebody pushes it.

Where does Boris go to school?
Paperclip High, conmigo.

Who do you talk to more, Genie or Rube?
Genie, easily.

In how many years does Julie turn 21?
Uh...*counts on fingers* 5?

Whats Dino's favourite band?
The Land Before Time. We can pretend that's a band, right?

Would you ever have sex with Ginny?
Oh, yes. Mad, passionate sex. With, uh, passion. And stuff.

How far away does Gretchen live from you?
Not particularly distant.

Do you hang out with Rube a lot?
On Saturdays, at class. I'd go to pizza with him afterwards, but then I'd either have to pay for my own cab or miss the train, which just isn't going to work.

Who is crazier, Nyx or Mario?
It depends on how you define crazy. But Mario under more definitions.

How long have you known Kathrya?
Since sophomore year gym class.

Does Genie like Boris?
Genie doesn't know him, but I highly doubt she'd like him.

How old is Ginny?
My age.

What is your favourite thing about Rube?
Severe geekitude.

Have Kathrya and Dino made out?
Ha. Ha. Haaaaaaa. No.

Is Mario related to you?
No, fortunately.

What would you change about Boris?
Let's not talk quite so slowly.

What colour of hair does Kathrya have?
Blonde. Flaxen? I don't know what flax really looks like.

Is Ginny immature?
Not at all.

Whats your relationship with Nyx?
Nyxie is my bffl-ie

Is Rube still in school?
Yes. He probably even had school today. Ha. Ha. Ha.

Where does Julie live?
Across town.

Mario have any siblings?
Yup, mini-mario, the younger, taller, angrier counterpart.

What sports does Dino play?
Tennis. And math. Because math is a sport.

Have you ever held hands with Ginny?
No. No, I have not.

What kind of eyes does Kathrya have?
Blue ones. They're very pretty.

Have Nyx and Rube ever dated?
They haven't even met.

Have you ever seen Dino cry?
No. Now that would be interesting.

Do you have any classes with Boris?
Yes, sadly. Calculus. Woe is me.

Does Dino drink alcohol?
He likes to pretend that he does.

When is Nyx birthday?

If you had to go out on a date with Gretchen, where would you go?

Does Mario like to shop?
Considering the only time his wardrobe changes in Christmas, I highly doubt it.

How often does Kathrya go online?

Are Dino and Mario childhood buddies?
I don't think so...

Is Julie usually late, early or right on time?
I'd say on time.

Do you think Rube is happy with his/her life for the most part right now?
Probably, but I don't really know. Maybe parts of it.

Do you trust Julie?
Most definitely.


Ginny said...

I have talked to Mario for three times, probably. What's the target for "friend"?

I think, instead of a pink, sparkly shirt, we should get Dino a pink, sparkly shirt with a picture of the poster for A Land Before Time on it.

I have "passion" scented water thing if you ever need it. It was a freebie from someone, I think.

Flax as a flower is purply-blue. Flax as a seed is kinda like sunflower seeds.

Math is most definitely a sport. And I think I would panic if Dino cried, although I would generally panic if anyone cried.

And... are you going to attempt my questionnaire in it's entirety?

Gretchen said...

haha, YES. we should probably get him a neon green jacket though, just in case he doesn't like the pink shirt.

Ginny said...

I support the green jacket. Although I think we should "accidentally take" his navy one and dye it that color, because I doubt he's gonna wear such a thing unless he had to.

Tea said...

I'm working my way through the questionnaire. It'll be done...eventually.