February 9, 2011


  • I found this really awesome applied math paper called "Forecasting Hourly Electricity Using Time-Varying Splines."
  • I read half of said paper before recalling that I should be doing more pressing homework.
  • I wrote about half a sentence more on my "better get done in the next few weeks" paper. Note to self: work faster.
  • I rewrote my abstract (will anyone notice if it doesn't match the one on the poster?)
  • I sent an email stating that my poster is free-standing.
  • I took an accidental 1.5 hour nap. I got out of the shower, wrapped myself up in a towel and began to read Act II of "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf." The next thing I knew, I was lying groggily on my side and Shelby was saying "If you don't respond to the question of when you're eating dinner, I'm going to unwrap you." I fortunately discovered that I only have three pages of the act left.
  • I ate dinner with my mother. We talked about how I've already picked up the MIT habit of referring to everything by either an acronym or a number.
  • I freaked out about how much work I had to do.
  • I decided I really like applied math and drew up more drafts of courses. If I take the math courses, plus the energy studies program, the 5 electrical engineering courses I want to take and the flex major in physics, I will have a reasonable schedule (4 courses a semester (yes, I factored in HASS and GIRs). If I do the focused option, it would result in overloading. I suppose this is something I can worry about in another 1.5 years, once I've taken more of these courses and have a better idea of what I actually enjoy.
  • I wrote a blog post.
  • I became hungry and went to eat more food.
Well, I will anyway.