May 8, 2011

Things Found While Cleaning My Room

  • Five buckeyballs
  • My RSI Summerbook
  • The block of wood I cut when first learning to use a table saw (note: this was two weeks ago)
  • Money
  • More money
  • Saudi Arabian money
  • JSHS Pen
  • A broken watch
  • My Princeton Preview lanyard, which I'm keeping for the summer because it is very high quality.
  • A "This is what a feminist looks like" bumper sticker
  • A sexy silver lanyard I have no recollection of previously seeing
  • 5 towels in various stages of dirtiness
  • The bookmark I got for buying a prom ticket 
  • 70 more buckeyballs
  • Approximately 600 tampons (note: hyperbole)
  • My MIT CPW folder (MIT! <3 <3 <3)
  • This was the point at which I became fed up and threw everything remaining into one large bin.
In other news, I went prom dress shopping and came home with two new pairs of shorts and some chocolates for my beloved mother, but no prom dress. Sweet success!


Julie said...

Ahahaha you make me laugh. Tampons and Saudi Arabian money. Where'd you get the money, from Bart?

Tea said...

Yup, Bart it was =)