May 2, 2011

Physics Study Party

Things I have done since embarking on this ridiculous task:

  • Chatted on facebook with Leila
  • Gchatted with Maxwell
  • Talked about testicular tension with Nyx and Josh, the my two fellow participants in this party of ridiculousness.
  • Drank tangello juice
  • Read over the list of MIT housing seminars
  • Attempted to find a complete online physics test
  • Gave Nyx unnecessary advice on how to study
  • Removed 96% of the clothing on my floor from my floor
  • Spot treated my mattress pad
  • Listened to Nyx explain rref in matrices to Josh
  • Facebook chatted briefly with Jordan, who is on my list of people I want to be friends with when I get to college. 
  • Stopped chatting with Jordan because she said that the AP Physics test was hard, and she went to physics camp, so I figured I should study--though she's probably just one of those people who says stuff is hard that isn't, I dunno.
  • Played with Buckeyballs
  • Ate dinner
  • Started one AP Physics problem
  • Got bored
  • Announced intention of not studying
  • Gossiped
  • Sent emails about prom dress shopping
  • Worried about prom being awkward
  • Laughed at the spelling of the word awkward
  • Worried about the fact that this list is probably not as funny as previous list
  • Noted that nearly all of Josh's clothing is logowear related to his future college
  • Congratulated self for using the proper where/wear in the above bullet point
  • Listened to Nyx talk to herself


Nyx said...

What? Since when do I talk to myself!??!