June 16, 2011

Worrisome Items

I leave for RSI tomorrow, so I've been packing furiously. So far, I have filled and sealed three bags, packaged my desktop up in the box that came with it (I can't handle not being able to check my email first thing in the morning), and hauled out my sleeping bag and laundry bin.

I filled my silver rolling bag first. This is a silly bag to bring somewhere that doesn't involve airports, but I'm flying off on a family vacation right after RSI so I need to have it with me. In this bag, I have:
  • 16 t-shirts
  • 11 tank tops
  • 5 skirts
  • 2 flannel shirts
  • 8 pairs of socks
  • 3 sweaters
  • 9 pairs of underwear
This makes up a considerable portion of my wardrobe.

I then packed the red duffle bag, which contains:
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 5 pairs of shorts
  • 2 cargo capris
  • 6 dresses
  • 1 pair of leggings
  • 1 pair of capri-length sweats
  • 6 shirts
  • 1 swimsuit
  • 6 pairs of shoes
  • 1 raincoat
  • 2 lightweight jackets
  • 7 sweaters/sweatshirts
  • 1 pair of flannel PJ pants that I probably won't wear
  • 1 pair of jeans
  • 1 belt
  • 4 bags of various types
  • 1 bathrobe
  • 1 bath mat
  • 2 bath towels
  • 1 face towel
Yeah, the red duffle is really, really big.

Next, I packed the aqua duffle, which is smaller and holds only:
  • Many hose and tights
  • Wrinkled white blouse
  • 3 sets of sheets
  • 5 bras
  • All remaining swimsuits (I wouldn't bring this many, but I'm going to hawaii afterwards and I'll want them then)
  • Purple cami
  • "This is what a feminist looks like" t-shirt
  • Assorted mismatched socks
  • Leggings
  • Black hoody
  • Lightweight PJ pants
  • 5 PJ shirts, including RSI shirts
I'm now working my way through the purple duffle, which so far contains:
  • Soft blanket
  • Blankey <3
  • Throw blanket
  • Computer power strip
  • Feminine hygiene products (lol)
  • Paperclip High frisbee
  • Umbrellas (2, both small)
  • TI-89
  • 2 regular bras
  • 2 sport bras
  • 2 formal shirts, both currently dirty
It should be noted that I don't advocate bringing this much stuff. It's just that I have a double to myself, so a ton of space to store it, and I'm hoping to leave it up in Boston so I can just bring it all to school in the fall. Also, I was the heaviest packer last year by a longshot---I think I might still be bringing the most stuff, despite the fact that I am bringing neither my keyboard nor my guitar. But whatever---I love my clothes.

On a more troublesome note, however, I've discovered that I'm missing approximately a laundry (need to stop trying to spell that as laundrey...) load worth of clothing. I've been writing down everything I can't find, so here's that list, just to be thorough.
  • Purple northface tee (tree)
  • New Ann Taylor tanks
  • New Ann Taylor cargos
  • Bleached blue cargos
  • Knee-length dark cargos
  • MIT shorts
  • full-length black sweats
  • Baggy dark purple "Dream" Gap shirt
  • flipflops
  • strappy Clarks
  • MIT sweatshirt
  • bleachy blue sweatshirt
  • bed roll
  • fan
  • D.E. Shaw shirt
I find this disturbing. There goes the garage door---hopefully it's Mom coming back to help me search.