June 25, 2011

Stuffy Stuffs

So I'm having this issue where a number of my Ricklings read this blog. This means that I can't really write about them without it feeling, to me at least, somewhat gossipy. Thus, all I really have to write about are things that don't involve them, but I have a feeling that Olive would strangle me if I started giving explicit details of my romantic life (erm, not that I get involved in anything that could be termed explicit), I am left with my to-do lists.

From Friday:
  • Finish section 1A of 18.02 (did not complete)
  • Eat breakfast (done)
  • Compile list of 10 Cambridge eateries (did not complete)
  • Start account at MITCFU (did do)
  • Bike to TJs and buy groceries (did not do, as wallet was lost between dorm and grocery store)
  • Obtain a "learn to cook" book (done)
  • Eat (healthy) lunch (done, but only kind of healthy)
  • Print and fill out Moody's form (done)
  • Research 1st scientist on energy list (not done)
  • Authorize Dad as payer for college (done)
  • Cook dinner (did not due, as wallet was missing and could not buy ingredients)
For today:
  • Interview (great success)
  • Respond to email (i.e. accept job offer---will do shortly)
  • Send sweet text to boy (done)
  • Police report (done---the MIT police are soooo nice)
  • Clean room (lolz)
  • Make graffiti nametag
  • Look into license replacement
  • Login to MIT Police website and report lost item
Yay, things to do!


Anonymous said...

I suspect that you don't have any Ricklings in your group because I don't think that many of the Ricklings are old enough to be Rickoids yet.

(Rickling == someone whose parents are both Rickoids.)

Anonymous said...

Or maybe those are Ricklets?

Who the hell knows.

Anonymous said...

Those are ricklets.