July 25, 2011

Quotes of Win

Obtained from a late night of summerbook editing.

Beatrice: Exploding chest hair is a big no-no

Beatrice: I just know I spout stupid crap all the time. It's like a talent. Being stupid!

Tea: Where did Jared go?

Beatrice: He died.

Tea: What?

Beatrice: He is dead. We must push on.

*Beatrice returns to editing*

Olive: I had this waking dream that I was the stack of papers that had to be returned. That my body was made out of papers. This was after the dream I had that the entire C-tower was blown up, and everyone died except for me, Greg's group, and Tea's group. And I wanted to know--would we still make them turn in their papers?

Beatrice: What the fuck am I doing? Tea, did you just transcribe that? Why would you do that?

Tea: I'm going to the bathroom.

Beatrice: No, you're not allowed to pee! Just kidding, Tea, you can pee as much as the hell you want.


Jared: It's Sunday.

Tea: Oh, okay, I'll go tomorrow.

5 minutes later

Tea: What day of the week is it?

Beatrice: Sunday

Tea: Really?

Jared: Erasmus. Erasmus. I like saying his name and I like saying Aquafina's name. Coincidentally, they're also both very annoying...Erasmus needs a quote. Do you want to make one up for him? Sorry, I was sleeping? Sorry, I was late? Oh, I was confused...


Beatrice: Are you still transcribing?

Tea: I was going to, but then I realized it would be inappropriate.

Beatrice: Take it up with Jared, he has a stick.

Beatrice: Most embarrassing experience: showing up to a week's worth of lectures on time.

Jared: Notepad is a wonderful program

Beatrice: Did you just say "no pants are wonderful!"

Jared: No! Notepad is wonderful! It opens instantly. UNLIKE OTHER THINGS.

Olive just attempted to toss Jared (who was 5 feet away) a flash drive. It hurtled into the arm of the couch next to me (I was further away than Jared) and Jared began to laugh hysterically.


Julie said...

HI TEA. your life is really cool. i wish mine was as cool as yours

Anonymous said...

Huzzah, she's back!!

Tea said...

@Julie: Pshaw. Don't give me that, your life is awesome, too.

@Anon: Fuck yeah.