September 13, 2008

Chilean Teenagers

Did anyone else read this article in the times today?

Basically high-school aged kids (well, my age, but whatever) go to parties and try to hook up with as many strangers as possible.
I could see having one random hookup, but four or five? Look, I'm as horny as the next chick, but even I don't really want to go to a huge party and hook-up with people I don't know. I'm more for specifically directed lust than this sort of general longing. Of course, this is today, while I have my period and am crampy and pissed off. There is a fairly good chance that in a few days I would love to be getting me some unknown boy's ass.

But actually related to the teenagers, if they want to do this, I don't really mind, but I feel like if all these kids are doing this, they're missing out on actual relationships. And it's slightly creepy with the younger kids.

For instance the girl in this pic. Here's the description "Maria Paz, 13, waits with her friends to enter an afternoon party in Santiago." Thirteen! That's in middle school! When I was in middle school, I thought boys were cute, sure, but wasn't that, um, sexually aware. She reminds me of those little girls caused by the Lolita Effect. (good book. I'll talk about that later, I think)