April 27, 2010

P-p-p-prom Planning

Pre-Prom at my place (woo, woo). There will be far too many people involved, by my count, but we shall have fun regardless.

My cousin sent me her bat mitzvah souvenir sweatpants. They are too small. I feel sorry for any of her fatter friends.

I can't do more than a one-liner, I'm sleepy. Work, work, work. Well, chat chat chat, mostly. Andy and Dino and Cammie and Kathrya and Gretchen. No wonder I don't get work done. Too busy with friends.

I like having friends.


Julie said...

What's the final roster for pre-prom?

Tea said...

Tea and Nia
Tamir and Nyx
Julie and Owen
Cammie and Cormac
Tybalt and Kathrya
Tamir's friend + his girl
Nyx's friend + his girl
Lysander and Avon