April 8, 2010

What I've Found Under My Desk

Because I'm cleaning, despite my possibly broken but probably just badly bruised pinky toe.

  • Notes, in Spanglish, from a debate in Spanish (ex: niños have a right to choose what they see.") Written on the bottom, in Tea-ish is "why care."
  • The second page of my Rockefeller application, an essay about PHD finger proteins that is covered in black scribbles.
  • Practice Intel essays from October regarding my promise as a scientist, mathematician, or engineer.
  • a torn piece of paper with nothing written on it
  • An outline, in pencil, of the essay about PHD fingers, written on the bottom of a Nature paper.
  • Fallen, the Sturken paper, printed with only every other line because the printer is running our of ink.
  • All four pages of Dr. Verona's resume.
  • The first page of the PHD finger article, with exactly two 'annotations.' The first is a box around Hox and a note, "hox = important." The second is a circle around "A control group of mice" and a note, "the importance of a control."
  • Oh, wait, just found another page of Dr. Verona's resume. I guess it had five pages.
  • The envelope that Nyx's birthday present came in.
  • Introduction to Anthropology worksheet.
  • First page of Spanish dialogo, with corrections.
  • The schedule for the first day of school. As in, Tuesday, September 1, 2009.
  • An AP math problem about a diver.
  • Our entire Super Student Challenge paper.
  • the first page of the Rockefeller essay with scribbles all over it
  • The Rockefeller personal statement, without any scribbles.
  • A middle page of the outline of my research paper.
  • A piece of notepaper with "PLAN" written on the top, followed by a roman numeral I with "Batteries" next to it. The rest of the paper is blank.
  • The entire contents of my Anthropology binder, minus the actual binder.
  • A black sock that is actually dirty.
  • Mistborn, by Brandon Sanderson.
  • Two separate miniature notebooks
  • Some Anthropology notes that never actually made it into the binder.
  • A letter from Duke University
  • A Paperclip High School Directory.
  • A void railroad ticket
  • 8 index cards covered in Utexas calculations
  • Two bank receipts. The first says I have $1,011,01, the second says $1145.16. I'm assuming that the second is more recent.
  • My $18 SAT score report that I didn't look at.
Now, time to cover the rest of the floorspace...


Nyx said...

Thought I would share this amusing conversation from yesterday, when I went to get a signature for the NHS form from a certain boss whom I'll call Jester (his name is just kidding). Office Girl Sarcastica was also there, as was another guy from GCS. But that's not important.

i knock and enter the office. Jester is playing with a water gun.
me: Hi Jester, Sarcastica, Oliver.
Jester, Sarcastica, and Oliver: Hi Nyx! Good to see you, what's up?
me: I have this form ....(I explain NHS)
Sarcastica: Oh yeah, i remember doing this, sure no problem!!
(Jester shoots the empty water gun, which makes a wooshing noise)
me: Nice water shooter, you gonna use that on the students this year?
Jester: I gotta wait for the right moment, but I've been dying to.
Oliver: Yeah, timing is key on that, it won't be funny if you do it too much...
Sarcastica, noting the rodlike shape: You know, it's very suggestive. Why did they give it a PURPLE handle?
Jester: Haha, spraying kids with a giant dildo.
Sarcastica: JESTER!!
...blah convo blah...
me: well I'm not sure if I'll get in or not, because I've got twice the required community service, but not continuously.
Sarcastica: Yeah, I got around that one because I did a lot of stuff through my church youth group.
...talk about youth groups...
me: I quit my youth group on the basis that everyone there just wanted to drink and smoke...
Jester: I wouldn't have minded that, sounds like a good youth group to me.
me: Yeah, well, I don't have a problem with it, but don't go calling it doing the will of god. I mean, it just bothered me that even though I was the one who didn't really fall in with the whole god thing, I was more priestly than all of them.
Sarcastica: yeah, that makes sense.
Jester: No, that makes you a pedophile.
Sarcastica: You just keep going on about that lately!
Jester: Well it keeps coming up in the news!
me: (laughing)
Jester: Well you know, I went to parochial school, and I am proud to say I was the only one in my class who did not become an alter boy.
Oliver: Probably a good call on your part.
Jester: But those nuns...man they knew how to hurt people. They'd whack you with yardsticks...
Oliver: But there wasn't any blood, right?
Sarcastica: Well no, they're trained so that they don't break the skin.
Jester: And these were INDUSTRIAL yardsticks, i tell you! Those nuns...
Sarcastica: Well I guess it's gotta be tough, being married to god and all that.
me: Yeah, they have to vent their frustrations somehow...Which do you suppose are more likely to break the rules, nuns or priests?
Jester: Definitely the priests, they're all over the news!
Sarcastica: Just because they're all over the news -
me: Yeah, I mean, maybe that just means the nuns are better at hiding it.
Jester: I don't know. I suppose they've got a lot of space to hide things under those habits...
Sarcastica: I wonder if that's allowed - does it count if it's with an object?
Oliver: Yeah, definitely, there's no way that's allowed.
Jester: Probably they all just get it on with each other.
me: No one would have to know...
Oliver: Biggest kept secret.
Jester: Screw you god!
(aims empty water gun out the window and fires) Take that, nun!
Sarcastica: JESTER!! (smacks back of head as she walks by)
...and we proceed to discuss what the font size should be on one of the refurbished boats.

hope you enjoyed :)