October 31, 2010

Sniper No Sniping!

So I nerd sniped myself last night in the middle of dinner by derailing to entire conversation to prove that twin primes always surround multiples of six (answer: in a given set of three numbers, one will be a multiple of three, and this cannot be one of the primes, so it's the middle value. Additionally, primes are odd, but odds and evens alternate so the middle number must be even. Even multiples of three are multiples of six. Proof made).

Last night I also didn't sleep enough (shocker) because it was my beloved Cammie's birthday. Well, birthday party, but it amounts to the same thing. We had a Harry Potter role-playing battle at the park, then went back to her house, watched Moulin Rouge (or however it's spelled), and stayed up until 3 am talking. In our defense, we thought daylight savings time was applied, and it was actually 2 am, but this turned out not to be the case.

Aside from that, MIT applications are due tomorrow, but I already finished mine, so this doesn't really matter. I ought to be studying for my chem test, and I think I need to read Candide this weekend, and I should figure out where I'm going with my Lit X, and write my college essays, and do a thousand other things on my to do list.

They'll get done. Someday.


rsi 2011 hopeful said...

exception to your rule is the pair (3,5) because 3 is a prime
but I love your blog and it makes me want to go to rsi so badly =D
hope you get (got?) into MIT

Tea said...

You're right--I forgot to specify twin primes greater than the three, five pair.
And thank you :) I will be here crossing my fingers for you and everybody else who applied (I realize that it is very improbable that everyone who I've tried to help gets in, but I can't help hoping). And I did get in; thank you for the well-wishing :)