November 24, 2009

Hair, Ruffled

During math team today, I was standing with Dino and Ginny and discussing the rounds. Suddenly, Ginny leaned over and ruffled Dino's hair.

"Hey!" he said, annoyed. "What'd you do that for?"

"It needed to be done," she said simply.

"That's my hair. And you do that all the time. It's so annoying!"

Ginny shrugged. I laughed. Dino shook his head and left.

I looked at Ginny. "What?"

"He has very fluffy hair."

"I wouldn't know, but it certainly looks fluffy."

"Well, I wanted to find out for sure, so I did."

"I can't say I've never experienced the urge, but I think I have better impulse control than you do."

She cracked up.

"I'm being perfectly serious, that's what's so awful! Really, ask Nyx!"

"Okay, okay."

"Do you pet a lot of people's hair, or just Dino's?"

"Oh, lots of peoples. Argon's isn't very fluffy at all."


"A lot of it depends on length."

"I've always wanted to cut all my hair off just to see what sort of texture it'd have."

"Me too! I want fluffy hair!"

"I'm not sure yours would fluff. I mean, it's so straight. You don't straighten it, right?"


"Then if you cut it really short, wouldn't it just flop?"

She sighed dejectedly. "Probably. I suppose I'd have to curl it a bit."

"Wouldn't that be a bit difficult if it's that short."

"I'd figure it out."


Gretchen said...

i wonder what curly hair feel like...

Tea said...

for curly long hair we could always just try to get Julie to sit still, but for anything shorter than that, I dunno.

Gretchen said...

haha!! i mean like guy curls, cause girl's curls are longer and kinda loose.