November 19, 2009


Name 13 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions underneath.

Remember that? I did it a while ago, and now I'm doing it again, for comparison purposes (but mostly because I don't want to do homework). The new top 13:

1) Mario, still

2) Nyx, as always

3) Gretchen

4) Vicky

5) Genie

6) Kathrya

7) Shelby

8) Julie

9) Avon

10) Tybalt

11) Dino

12) Lysander

13) Bryant

How did you meet Vicky?

Sports and fun camp!

Something about Mario?

He walks funny, to the point where Kathrya saw him and said "Tea, he's awkward, right?"

What would you do if Nyx and Vicky dated?

Laugh uproariously.

Have you ever seen Mario cry?

Now that would be entertaining.

Tell me something about Dino.

He's madly in love with Javier.

How long have you known Julie?

Since freshman year, when I saw her with her rolling backpack and thought of Battle from Empress of the World.

Would you date Vicky?

Of course. You up for counties, dahling?

What do you think about Lysander?

He's nice enough, but his sheer awkwardness makes me nervous, and the fact that any of his friends thought that I should be set up with him is enough to make me panic, just because, well, I dunno, guys make me panic in general, and he's just so awkward!

What would you do if Genie confessed they liked you?

Of course she loves me, she's my sister.

What does Gretchen do for a living?


Would you ever live with Nyx?

Of course. How 'bout it, roomie?

Is Vicky single?


Where does Kathrya live?


What do you think about Gretchen?

She's amazing. That just about covers it.

Fact about number Avon?

A human representation of Hermione, but nicer.

What's the best thing about Nyx?

I can crash her house.

What's your best memory with Vicky?

Portfolios, all the way. And just U.S. history in general. Did you hear that Opmin used the colors one as an example!??

Best physical feature for number Lysander?

Anything except the mutton chops.

What do you think about Shelby?

Best baby sister a girl could ask for.

Does Mario mean a lot to you?

A chapter of my past, maybe?

Have you ever kissed Vicky?

We hooked up last saturday. It was bliss.

When's the next time your going to see Nyx?


Is number Genie pretty?


What was your first impression of Bryant?

That was elementary school. You think I remember?

Have you seen Tybalt in the last month?

I saw him in physics last period...

When was the last time you saw Mario?

In the hallway after school.

Have you ever been in Vicky's house?

No, I have not.

When's the next time you'll see Tybalt?

Tomorrow, in physics or calc, whichever comes first.

Are you really close to Bryant?

like this (makes a peace sign)

Have you ever been to the movies with Lysander?


Have you ever gotten in trouble with Nyx?

I don't get into trouble.

Would you ever hang out with number Mario?

Hmmm, no.

What do you and number Kathrya talk about the most?

That's what she said.

Do you even know Avon?

Of course!

Would you give number Genie a hug?


Would you ever go on a date with number Bryant?

It would depend on the circumstances (i.e., if the world was blowing up, or he turned out to be really amazing, sure)

What is the best thing about your friendship with number Nyx?

I can talk to her about anything.

What is the worst thing about number Avon?

Goddamned republican.

How long have you known number Genie?

However old she is.

Does number Shelby have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

I hope not.

Have you ever been a co-worker with number Lysander?

We're in science together?

Have you ever wanted to punch number Dino in the face?

Yes, every day.

How did you meet number Shelby?

Well, she was born.

Did you ever accidentally physically hurt number Tybalt?

Not that I know of.

What is the best memory you have with number Nyx?

I have to pick one?

Do you live close to Bryant?

I dunno. Where's he live?

What is number Gretchen's favorite food?

Something delicious.

Who is the most flirtatious?

Why isn't Benny on this list?

If you could change one thing about number Mario, what would it be?

Make him less of a complacent ass. Is that one thing?

Say something nice about number Kathrya.

I lurve you.

Which ones live the farthest away?

I'm not sure. They're all in town.

Which one do you hang out with the most?


Who is the loudest?


The quietest?


What kind of car does Vicky have?



vicky/bruney said...

Really, Opmin used the color one as an exemplar?!?!?!?!, maybe as a "don't ever do this..." exemplar. My spy in HUSH said she used mine!!!!!!!! ( I really shouldn't care this much anymore...)


Julie said...
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Julie said...

I thought Javier was Dino's imaginary friend. Wow, am I behind the times.

Also, I'm very impressed by the fact that you replaced the name Mandeep with Kathrya in ALL your posts. Is there a function on the blog for that?

Jackie said...

i, on the other hand, am very upset that you replaced mandeep with kathyra. really :'( mandeep is an AWESOME name.

hahaha according to benny, lysander is actually very good at sports. who would have guessed?

and you can crash my house ANY time. roomies or not!

Gretchen said...

benny is flirtatious??

haha, "Would you ever go on a date with number Bryant? It would depend on the circumstances (i.e., if the world was blowing up, or he turned out to be really amazing, sure)"

Tea said...

@Vicky:Yes, she did, the twin with the flower name. I can't believe it. and congrats on the volvo.

@Julie: Yes, it is his imaginary friend. and no, there is not a function, it took 45 minutes

@Jackie: I did it for Gretchen, so I figured I'd do it for Mandeep. And I'm shocked. and thanks, although all the cat fur makes me sneezier than adelaide, so I won't too often

@Gretchen: yup.

Gretchen said...

did you know there's a girl in our grade who's a model!?!

Tea said...

yes, I did.

Julie said...

what was Gretchen's name beforehand?

Yeah, model girl was in the paper. The only thing I know about her/remember from middle school was that she got 0% on a math test once in seventh grade.

Tea said...

Zhuzhu (and Phil's last name was Zhu). And how is that even possible?

Julie said...

I have no idea, she obviously wasn't in my class, but I overheard it in the hallway.

Jackie said...

you'd actually have to try to get a zero! well, maybe, not try. like, maybe she fell asleep.

Tea said...


Gretchen said...

but there's still T for troll which is below D