November 10, 2009

Stop the Pops

A booklet found inside my copy of Eragon, which I'm currently rereading.



Featuring: Quinn... Gone

TABLE OF ConTents (the truth)
By Genie

More Rules............2
THE Plan................3
Quinn & Kate.........4
Quinn is gone........5 (special edition)
The Oath................6

1. Never trust a pop
2. If you lose a friend to The Pops, Join The club to make it easier to move on
3. Be wise! stay away from pops
4. Do not say 'like' more 10 times in every 2 seconds
5. You must Hate The backstreet boys and Jessie Mcartney to be in the club
6. KATE is the only Pop you can have fun with

THE PLAN (a real plan)
by Genie

Even though I hope Quinn's popularity is only Temporary I still am going to ditch her if she comes back to my table at lunch. Like when she scooted to the other End of the Lunch table on my friend we will do the same For her. Scoot away. I don't want to but If I have to I will.


Quinn was totally in love with M. she wanted to marry him. M is the 5th grade smarty-pants, has tiny eyes, and a good sense of humore. Not that a good sense of humor is a bad thing. He is fairly ugly. I DON'T KNOW HOW SHE LOVES M

QUINN....GONE (a true experience)
by Genie

My friend Quinn used to be a nobody. Now, she's gone. Gone To the dark, dreary popular side. I told her all my secrets. Even who i had a crush on. Luckily I know who she likes. M. I hope her popularity is Temporary. I miss her a lot. But... QUINN IS GONE.

THE OATH (an oath)
by Genie

I solomnely swear that I will never become a pop, always hate pops, Jessie Mclartny, The backstreet boys, and never leave the club.


Kate is such a Popularity freak. She is totally in love with AC, the 5th grade "HOTTIE" Her possie includes N, J, M, N, N, N, N! N totally loves Kate.'

1. You have to Hate Jesse Mcartney, Hilary duff, adn the Backstreet boys.
2. You can't be obnoxious
3. You can only have fun with a PoP if they aren't with someone from their gang.
4. You can't be a POP!
5. You can't be obsessed with shopping.
6. Don't treat a pop club member like a servant
7. You can't say like a lot.

My ex-Friend Quinn glanced at me and starkied talking About how weird I am to her friends. It's sad that she left to the Pop side I wish an elephant would trample her.

The Gang
The worst gang on earth is the Pop gang. They do the most Damage. The rest aren't as Bad.

We've GOT to STOP the POPS! (somehow)


Jackie said...

with...silly string!!! (due to the lack of handy elephants).

I'm glad you have raised your sister well.

Gretchen said...

wait...did she write this recently?

Tea said...

5th grade

Gretchen said...

oh ok. you scared me for a second...