April 26, 2011

End of the Fatzone

Well, I said I was going to blog, so I'm feeling this compulsion to, well, actually blog. But at the same time, life feels rather boring, and I don't feel as if I have much to say.

I had a bizarre dream last night. I was on the rag, but I still definitely has sex (should be noted that I only remember the aftermath but not not the actual activity) with my dream-boyfriend, who was super attractive and very innocent looking but actually a prostitute. Then he became friends with my mom. I woke up, and my first thought was "holy *expletive* I didn't use a condom and I'm going to get an STD." My second thought was "oh, that was a dream." My third was "damn, he was attractive, too." Then I pressed the sleep button and I can't remember much else.

Math was fun, I guess. I like hard problems, the the one we did--the sum, from n=1 to n=44 of cos n/ sin n--was definitely difficult, at least for me. Gretchen seems to have permanently ditched us, though--Nyx overheard her suggesting to Dino that he could either pull up a desk or "sit with them." And, well, that stings, quite a bit, particularly since whenever she does bother to be with us she's perfectly wonderful. I know she's on some campaign to get Clara to go to college with her, but that doesn't make it sting any less.

The obesity presentation went fine, I think. I hope we do well, if only because I'd rather not get beaten. Plus, well, a little bit of money would be nice. A little bit of money is really always quite nice.

Brian apparently just asked Nyx if she used to date Tamir. I'm too busy laughing to finish writing this.


Ginny said...

I would blog but I have 1000+ unread rss posts and 10 more utexas problems UNTIL I AM DONE WITH UTEXAS.

Also Argon's mom came up to me after the presentation and said, "Hi Ginny" except I kind of forgot she was Argon's mom so I looked behind me to see if there was another Ginny and that was kind of awkward.

Julie said...

I was about to ask why you weren't worried about getting pregnant. Then I looked up the page. Then I thought "ew, gross." Though it's not like it's unnatural or anything.

Also, I hates AP finals. And I should blog, but I've lost so much time that it would just end up being not a really good description of my life.

And I want money, and to win. Mostly to win. But seriously, the Super Student Challenge is worth more in comparison to its competitiveness than Moody's.

Lastly, my verification word is "cations."

Tea said...

@Ginny: I AM DONE WITH UTEXAS! YOU PROBABLY ARE NOW TOO! YAY!!!!. Also, that sounds awkward.

@Julie: Well, it actually is possible to get pregnant under those circumstances...but I was also mostly asleep, give me a little slack :P. And blog anyways! I'll still read! (or at the very least, do it when you go to college so I can keep up with your life). Money! I love money! Whooooooo =) Also, that word verification is AWESOME