March 30, 2009


          In this article in the New York Times, a particular slang term was introduced that is, all in all, entirely new to me. Apparently, "to O.D., these days, means to overdo it, not to overdose on drugs." Now, I don't know about everyone else in the world, but I am, in my personal opinion, and extremely hip teenager, and I have never heard O.D. used in that way. It could be an example of city-slang vs. suburban slang, but even then, NY is the closest major metropolitan area, so we tend to use very similar terms.
          Clearly, the New York Times needs to update its slang dictionary. In other, equally exciting news, Drivers Ed. starts today. I am one step closer to achieving full road access, and that, my friends, is an example of true achievement, no semi- or over- about it.