December 24, 2009


Before today's Christmas pageant, I sat in the chapel with three of my wonderful cherubs, aged seven and under.

Cherub #1: You just picked your nose!
Cherub #2: Did not.
Cherub #1: Did too.
Cherub #2: No, I didn't. I scratched it!
Cherub #1: You so picked it.
Cherub #2: I did.
Cherub #1: It's okay. I pick my nose too.
Cherub #3: Ewwwwww. That's gross.
Cherub #1: Is not.
Cherub #2: Yeah, it's not.
Tea: Actually, it is. Does anyone need a tissue?

Then, during the actual pageant, a boy in the front row started excavating his left nostril during "Angels We Have Heard on High" and didn't stop until after "The First Noel."


Jackie said...

Haha, yay for excavation. That makes it into a scientific process!
As you have shared your Christmas Eve experience, i shall now share mine.

My Christmas Eve dinner:
Dad: I'm once again inviting you to come to church with us.
Me: Because god can hear you better in church.
Kiwi: (snorts) It's like a giant AMPLIFIER!
Mom: Yes it is, because the steeple brings you closer to god.
Kiwi & me, mishearing: The staple?
Me: I get enough of that at school then...
Mom: The STEEPLE, not the staple.
Dad: Does it inSPIRE you?

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

Tea said...

I literally cracked up at that. I love bad puns.

Gretchen said...


merry christmas!!!

Kathrya said...

hahaa nice. I love the way you phrased nose picking. i think from now on it shall have to be called evacuating nostrils by hand. :D