December 31, 2009

What are you doing New Years?

I'm attending a snow war at the beach. It should be extremely fun, and freezing, but mostly fun.

2009 is coming to a close. It's almost hard to imagine. Well, not really. What's really difficult is to create some sort of artificial milestone out of it. I mean, really, in the scheme of things, what happened in 2009? I feel as if the year has barely started, but it's already drawing to a close.

I know that things did happen last year. I mean, I went from one stupidly overwhelming crush to a different stupidly overwhelming crush. If that's not monumental, I don't know what is. I did extremely well in school my sophomore year. I wrote a provisional patent and filed it. I'm fairly certain I made friends, although it feels as if I've known everybody forever, so it's difficult to sort them out. It feels, all in all, however, entirely unmonumental. Here I am, sweet sixteen, and not a hell of a lot is going on. I mean, there are things, but it feels as if all of my energy is directed to this great, glorious future I'm hurtling towards, a future that will probably consist of long nights in the lab for absurdly low pay, but also hopefully lots of amazing geeky friends, and enough science that I have to keep the doors open at all times so that the science doesn't overflow and explode.

I think that should be my life goal, actually. Become enough of a scientific presence that if I'm shut in a closed room the science spontaneously combusts.

Good plan.


Anastassia Bobokalonova said...
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Tea said...

Thanks! (also, I'm still obsessed with MIT. I think I will be no matter how much time I spend there).

Anastassia! said...
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