December 14, 2009

Song to Nick Jonas

By A Middle Schooler Near You (well, Tea after she got out of the shower today, because she was entertaining herself. In the shower. And by entertaining herself, I mean writing bad musical-theater-y songs, not whatever you were thinking of, Kathrya)
(Sung kind of to the tune of "A New World, for some of the bits, and kind of to the tune of Ocean Avenue. No, I don't know why)

Nick Jonas
I love you I love you I lo-o-ove you
Nick Jonas
When you ask me to marry you I'll say I do

Cause you're all that I want
from 3000 to forever
and you're all that I need
when I'm burnin' up this world
It's Nick Jonas forever, with the hair and too tight jeans
my Nick Jonas

I saw you
in concert last month and you almost touched my hand
you smiled
at somebody else but I know it was meant for me

Cause you love me right now
with the heart that you have
and you wish you could be here
and not on your dumb tour
it was Nick and me forever, just the two of us, no more,
Nick Jonas
I think we need to talk

I wrote this song last week
and some things have happened since
I've changed
I've grown
I've moved on with my life

Because, you see, Johnny
Johnny from science class
he has hair that's just like yours
except it flips counter-clockwise, way to the left
And Johnny
with his eyes so blue that the sky gets jealous
told Eric who told Laura who told Darby who told me
that Johnny
Thinks that I'm cute
and it made me kind of excited

So, Nick, you're all that I wanted
from 3000 to forever
but I have grown
you've gotten old
and it's time to move on

Because last week in science class
while he was burning methane gas
Johnny tore his eyes from the flame
and he looked at me and said
"movie? friday?" and I said "what movie?"
and he said "whatever you want."
So on Friday, Johnny and I saw New Moon
and a new light dawned on my life

Nick, dear, I loved you once, but better days have come
I can't marry you now
It's not you, it's me,
There's someone else
You're too distant
My heart now belongs to

Taylor Lautner
It's doesn't quite fit but you're really more cute
Taylor Lautner
You've taken my heart so you'll have to commute

You're all that I want
For today and for forever
You'll hold me close
And ditch Taylor like bad weather
Because Taylor
I lo-o-o-o-o-ove you.


Gretchen said...

what was that?!?!

i hope it's a joke tea...otherwise, i'm concerned

Tea said...

joke of course. severe school related stress is making me extremely punchy. I entertained a stray funny thought a few minutes ago and literally started laughing, mid-research paper. Very odd.

Gretchen said...

ok. good. at first i was like what!?!?

i don't get why it's "nock jonas" though...ok. after reading it again, i will say it was very entertaining. props to you.

Tea said...

it had the right number of syllables.

Jackie said...

could you make my life anymore?

although, i do resent the fact that my verification word is an actual word, and a word that i very much hate, especially when it is associated with calculus: grade