December 26, 2009

Days for Dreaming

Last night was the second in a row that was full of oddly vivid dreams. I'm still trying to figure out what, if anything, they mean.

Dream 1:

I walked into Spanish class, late, per usual. Gretchen was already there. There were laptops from the cows on all of the desks, and Tom sat behind me in Rae's desk, which I find strange, since I'd never noticed that he was in our class. I shrugged it off and logged into facebook on my laptop (which should have tipped me off that this was a dream, but, alas, it did not). I went to Tom's page, because I couldn't figure out why he had spontaneously showed up in my Spanish class. I started flipping through his profile pictures, and for some reason, I had the ability to change which photo was his profile picture, so I did. Then Gretchen started coughing violently and gesturing towards Tom, who could see over my shoulder at my screen and had turned bright red. I turned around to apologize, and his eyes got all huge and he looked the way he did in fifth grade that time he told my my braces looked nice, which is really the only old memory I have of him. The bell rang and Gretchen and I left class. I was still flipping out about what Tom thought of me.

I went up to physics on the third floor. The only faces I can remember are those of Tybalt, Genevieve (British, not in my physics class or any A.P. English) and Leda (in my gov class, used to be going to counties with Sergio but now has a boyfriend). Right before class ended, Tybalt kissed Leda and then confessed to having a massive crush on Genevieve.

We left class, and Tybalt, Gretchen and I were suddenly walking out of the cafeteria into the music wing. We all realized that we were going to miss our buses. Tybalt and Gretchen took off, speed demons that they are, and I tried to keep up, but these large crowds of Players and Orphenians, fully costumed, kept getting in my way. By the time I reached the orchestra room, Tybalt was long gone, and Gretchen had emerged out of the farther door and taken off running. By the time I reached the front entrance, I was the only one there, and the buses were gone.

End Dream 1.

Dream 2 is weirder. Much, much weirder. I promise you, it is nowhere near as inappropriate as the beginning makes it sound.

Dream 2:

Harry and I were both doing pit orchestra for Little Shop of Horrors, and for some reason still unknown to me, this entailed him staying in my room. I woke up in the morning and he was in the other bed and I started flipping out because I thought that I'd forgotten and gone to sleep naked for some reason. I stood up out of bed, panicked, but discovered that I was wearing cute green pj pants and a blue tank. However, the tank was kind of see through, so I decided I needed a different one. A newer, brighter blue tank top with conveniently built in bra was located on the foot of my bed, where I had presumably dumped it at some earlier time. After I took off the first tank top to swap, I looked into the TV on wheels like they had at the middle school that had been set up where my keyboard usually lives. I could say Harry reflected in it, standing behind me, frozen in place and staring at my reflection in the TV. He had slept in the same clothes that he always wears, a white t-shirt and somewhat too-short cargo pants. He decided that if I was changing, he should to, and by the time I had my arms lined up in the second tank, he'd swapped from a plain white t-shirt to one with these blueish glowing peacock feathers on it.

As I was putting on the second tank top, it turned into a dress and I got stuck, the entire skirt of the dress facing upside down around my head like a pathetically limp dog cone. I attempted to maneuver myself into it, but was unsuccessful. "Harry? Could you, uh, help?" I asked.

"Yeah, sure," he said, and pulled the tank down over my arms and torso. He didn't let go of my wrists. I looked up at him, confused, and his eyes had gone all brownish greenish, and they were swirling in a weirdly hypnotic manner. He said something unintelligible, containing the phrases "can't let go," "God," "Jesus," and something about loving arm muscles, which is absurd, because I hardly even have arm muscles. He started to back away, still clinging to me, and I followed him, entranced. He stopped after a step and leaned forward, closer and closer. When we were about two inches apart, I leaned forward and kissed him, a sloppy sort of first kiss in which all that happens are squished noses and lips pressed together, and for some reason I could feel the imprint of my braces on the inside of my lips, which is absurd, since I haven't had braces in years. I pulled back after an instant, and his eyes had turned pale blue and he looked like he was about to pass out. "Was that nice?" he asked.

"I don't know yet," I answered, and the entire dream shifted. Harry was gone, but I was still standing in my room, and I knew, somehow, that he would be back, and that I just had to kiss him again and we'd get further than that stupid clashing of metal on teeth. I opened the door and walked down the hall to the basement. There was a window that doesn't actually exist, and through it I could see Corbin Bleu's hair as he walked through the jungle that had sprung up behind my house. I had an abrupt fear that the Harry here had turned into Zac Efron, and I was very worried. I decided that I'd have to wait and see and I walked down the stairs. Sparky (Aqua's dog) and Rufus came running up the stairs as I descended. Purdy (she advised Becky to temporarily break up with her boyfriend to show him what was important) was down there. I asked her what I should do about Harry, she said she'd get back to me later, since she had an appointment.

Elaine (Julie's friend who is fond of lolita dresses) came down with a girl who was about ten years old; I assumed the girl was her daughter. The daughter and I tried to play chess, but none of the pieces were actual pieces, so I decided to transfigure them and pulled out my wand to do so. I tapped each in turn, but the bishops stubbornly refused to do anything, and the pawns remained little pieces of trash.

I woke up in a cold sweat, the only thought in my head that I had to find Harry.


Gretchen said...

oh my god...
i thought the first dream was weird...then i read the second one.

wow tea...i dreamt o got a 77 on my physics test...

anyways, HAHAHAHA

funniest dreams ever!!!

Jackie said...

Holy Buddha Tea's subconscious is BACK! Or at least, her expounding of its exploits is.

I would love to interpret dream one, but as you have slacked off in adding names to the spreadsheet, i have no idea who anyone is. Although, I can say that you are nervous that some of your friends are spurting ahead in the world and leaving you behind to your old deficits (running abilities). But don't worry, we'd never ditch you, Tea.

As for dream two.....
Well, first off, in both your dreams you are feeling like you are younger and more immature than everyone else, as shown by the fact that you have spontaneously managed to regrow your braces. Braces are also associated with insecurities, so perhaps you are hiding some inner fear...and perhaps that fear is that you will one day wake up to finding a sketchball with good bone structure in the bed next door.
Same deal with the imagined nudity and the translucent tank top - you are trying to hide something that the world is probably going to find out anyway, whether it's significant or not. The fact that you do not sufficiently freak out about finding Harry in your room (i know i would!) does show, however, that you are capable of handling extremely bizarre, not to mention awkward, situations maturely. The fact that the two of you managed to go to lightspeed on the whole relationship thing in your dream is yet another sign of developing maturity and confidence; so is the nonchalant reaction to your braces getting in the way of a kiss.
The fact that Harry starts muttering religious nonsense in your face and having hypnotic eyes shows that your impression of his devotion to silence and awkwardness is similar to the devotion of religious people to church. However, him running off so quickly suggests that you doubt his sincerity.
As for the segue into crossover high school musical Harry Potter land, (yes, the selective capitalization there was intentional, in case you were wondering) I am a bit fuzzy on the meaning. I would say it suggests that fictional epic stories and unimportant preteen dramas seem insignificant and fall away in the presence of Harry for you, but, I'm guessing I'd be unduly cyber-slapped.
Oops, guess I just said it anyway...:P Hope you enjoyed my interpretation!

Tea said...

I'm probably insecure that Harry is better at piano than I am. The rest of it I'm not sure if I understand well enough to affirm or deny the veracity of.

and the spreadsheet is up again.

Jackie said...

Alright, now that you have kindly updated the spreadsheet, I can interpret dream one.

At first, you are in a situation where everything is perfectly normal (being late, being in school, etc) except for one minor detail. The detail, Tom's presence, bugs you enough to investigate, but not enough to investigate in a direct manner (demanding why he is there). This suggests that something in your day to day life is causing you some twinge of annoyance, but you probably haven't yet figured out what it is. Gretchen's coughing points out that you can always rely on her to look out for you and watch your back for you. The fact that you were so concerned about Tom's opinion of you shows that on some level you are self-conscious of even what near strangers think, especially if they have a history of seeming more-than-friendly. It's kinda random that Tom is in the dream at all, so he is probably a manifestation of your general desire to be noticed by someone and your simultaneous fear of what that someone will notice about you.
You are just all around very confused about Tybalt. You think that he must have a secret love life inside that he is just itching to let out, but you expect that when he does it will be rather explosive and he will pretty much go crazy.
As for the last part, i already kinda mentioned it in my other post. But I think it reflects a fear that while you were working on the play and spending time with the players (orphenians are just emphasis?) you felt that you were neglecting your other friends and they began to run off without you, leaving you behind. Edit: your subconscious is being absurd.

Also, you seem to dream about school a lot. This suggests that you like order and a scheduled day, rather than chaos and disorganization.

Gretchen said...

HAHA tybalt has a secret love life...
that seems like the equivalent of imagining him or his brother drunk.

now that i know who tom is, i agree with jackie, it does seem kind of strange for him to appear in your dream.