February 27, 2010

Me? Obsessed? Nah...

I finally turned on my phone last night to find the following:

From a texter who I still don't know who is, on Feb. 23rd: I know you don't text but ski cross is on now. i thought you should know.

From Mario, on Thursday night: I sent you an email. Did you get it?, referencing, of course, his Moody's related email.

And from another number I didn't know, but figured was Nia: Did the bus come yet?

I, in turn, sent out three text messages. To the ski crosser, I wrote "I don't know who this is from but im very sad that i didn't get this until now"

To the probable Nia I wrote: I don't know who this is but you should know that I rarely have my phone on me.

To Mario I wrote: As you now know I did get said email its just that i go to sleep at ten so you cant expect a prompt response after that. Also if u didnt see no class tomorrow.

For anyone who's interested, although I smiled way too much while typing it, I didn't agonize over my response at all. Both of them, despite the late hour (almost 11!) responded promptly.

From Nia, two minutes later: it's Nia lol

From Mario, three minutes later: I will take note of both.

Julie told me the next day that she was the ski-crosser.

The "I will take note of both" made me squee, so I immediately called Kathrya to tell her about it, because that's just the sort of person I am. It particularly helped as I was rather grumpy that class had been canceled due to snow. After all, I love SHP, and I enjoy the train rides a good bit more than I should, and I didn't see why a little snow should stop me.

I may have possibly gone to Starbucks today with the sole goal of appeasing my grumpiness over not seeing a certain somebody. However, I hadn't had a latte in two weeks, and I needed to get out of the house to study for the ACTs, as I just can't really focus when I'm in my room and my computer is about ten feet away.

I went to Barnes and Nobles to buy the ACT book first. I may have possibly checked the Barnes and Nobles Starbucks three times to make extra certain he wasn't there.

I think we all know who he is.

I turned the wrong way on Rt. 1 when leaving B&N, and took the most circuitous route ever, but did eventually arrive. I debated texting Vicky to tell her I was in Starbucks studying ACTs, cause it seemed like something she would be doing already. Lo and behold, I saw a telltale glimpse of glowingly orange hair (it actually wasn't glowing orange, it was more of a copper-y orange-red, but I just like the way glowingly orange sounds) and had a nice chat about ACTs with Vicky while her mother nodded along. Once my latte arrived, I spilled some coffee on my prep book while trying to remove the cap, and I'm fairly certain they both laughed, and Vicky made fun of my two packets of sugar.

I still contend that the presence of actual coffee in the drink makes it require more sugar. And I still don't get how a Starbuck's addict doesn't drink coffee.

I settled down at a little table in the sunlight and pulled out Beloved, by Toni Morrison, which I'm reading for A.P. English. I'm glad I wasn't at home alone in my room while reading it, because it was disturbing. Ghosts, rape, bestiality, and slavery in one chapter was a little bit more than I could handle. The bit about abusing calves still makes my insides squirm. I was about midway through the chapter when Vicky and her mother left, Vicky taking a moment to point out the fact that despite my brand new ACT book, I was not actually studying for the ACTs.

"It's for English!" I retorted as she walked out the door.

A bit after I finished the chapter one of the big comfy armchairs freed up, so I moved over there and dug into the ACT book. It was a lot of "this is worth this many points, that is worth that many points, this section tests your understanding of grammar, what is the capital of Swahili?"

I'm kidding on the last one.

I may have possibly looked up every time the door opened. Well, I definitely didn't, as I didn't notice Mario and brother (who is another always angry looking person, in case you (Ginny) were wondering) until they were in line.

Mario gave me "the nod." I nodded back. I have no clue what his brother did because, to be perfectly honest, I wasn't looking. Mario accepted one of those awful sandwiches with a patty of scrambled eggs in them and whatever sort of coffee he's drinking these days. His brother did the same and went to sit down, and Mario walked over towards me.

"So this is what you do when you aren't in class," he said.

"Oh, I hadn't had coffee in two weeks, and I just felt like..." I trailed off, and he nodded. I think it's the sort of sentiment a caffeine addict can understand. "Oh, and we actually did have class, apparently. Like, it was canceled, but it still happened, for the people who showed up, you know?"

He frowned. "I doubt they'll penalize us for not showing up, then."

"I suppose, but I still would've liked to have gone. I enjoy it," I shrugged.

"Me too. I think I like the routine of it."

"It's nice to get out."

This time he shrugged. We kept talking for a while. About the Challenge, about ACTs verses SATs, about SAT subject tests, about Moody's. Unlike Dino, he gave absolutely no indication that he thought our team was bad. He seemed confident, and excited, and felt like it would be more fun than the Green Super Student Challenge, or whatever it was called. We'd stop and pause every so often, and he'd sometimes start to step away, but I wouldn't look down and away the way I always do when I got nervous from talking- I mean I did sometimes, but, to be perfectly honest, he's a hell of a lot more riveting than my ACT book- and he'd just say something else and we'd keep going. By the time he left- I feel like it was about ten minutes, but it may have been far less or a bit more- I had a feeling that his sandwich was cold.

Good riddance. Anything involving bacon inside of bread is, in my opinion, better off not ingested.


Ginny said...

You're taking the ACTs as well? Are you going to submit both scores?

You act just like me when I'm obsessed (or not) over someone, except without the hanging around Starbucks part. This just proves that we're all alike deep inside.

And, does Mario have two brothers?

Ginny said...

Oh, and, how do you change time zones on this?

vicky/bruney said...

I guess I mentioned Mario when we were talking so my mom asked who he was. I was like, "He's just another science genius who's friends with Tea but Tea wants to be more than friends with him...we see him at Starbucks all the time and he's probably the only other person in Westport with a Starbucks goldmember card (my mom earned one!)"

And I find the ACT riveting!

Nyx said...

just a note, take it as you like: i don't think chilling out in starbucks is going to facilitate Operation Forget Mario, whether he shows up there or not.

However, if you've forgotten your forgetting operation, so be it :)
Although i still maintain that no matter how obsessive you get about him, you will nowhere near equal his obsession with Scarlett.
And that's a good thing.

Tea said...

@Ginny: That depends on how well I do on the ACTs. And Mario has one brother, who is a sophomore. I have no clue how to change time zones.

@Vicky: riveting really isn't how I would describe them...

@Nyx: I think that, at this point, OFM has been ground into a pulp and then jumped up and down on a bit (i.e. I've pretty much given up on it ever working)

And the bit about Scarlett is what I tell myself whenever I begin to worry that I've crossed a line.

Gretchen said...

hahaha, i can't believe you saw bruney AND mario at the same starbucks!!!

wait, dino said our team was bad!?!?! how mean.

Tea said...

well, I said we had no chance of hell of winning and he agreed, which amounts to the same thing really.

Ginny said...

Hmm... okay. I've been trying to get my blog to not display that I've been posting stuff at 4am, but it's not working.

Good luck on the ACTs.

Nyx said...

ginny, i think it's under settings. unless you've looked there already.

Bubble said...

how would you feel if mario just soooomeeehow for someee strange reason came across your blog o_O

Tea said...

@Ginny thanks

@bubble: oh, I would completely flip. However, I am also quite capable of arguing that he is, in fact, creepier than I am, as at least I only quasi-follow him and we're friendly, as opposed to his stalkee, who he can't even talk to.