February 13, 2010

Local Favorites

According to Netflix, in my town.

The Ramen Girl- unfortunately has nothing to do with alien ramen a la Orson Scott Card. Instead, Brittany Murphy goes to Japan. Looks weird.

SNL: The Best of Will Ferrell: I cannot believe there are that many people in this town who actually like him. I find that he grates on my nerves overmuch.

Free Willy: fortunately has nothing to do with male flashers. A heartwarming tale about a boy who graffitis an orca's tank.

Best in Show: I've actually seen this one, and it is actually fairly funny. I do not object.

Muppets in Space: while Cammie and Julie would no doubt approve, I am still somewhat shocked that the Muppets are this popular.

National Lampoon's Animal House: wait- National is lampooning a book that lampoons a government? Or does animal house mean something I'm not getting?

Thomas and Friends: Songs from the Station: People round here seem to really like putting their kids in front of a DVD.

Amadeus: did my chorus teacher force this on the entire population?

On the Waterfront: winner of eight oscars about a has-been boxer. Sounds... critically acclaimed.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua: no comment.


The Salton Sea: druggies work for cops. cool.

Flying Down to Rio: the cover art looks like LSD.

Man On Wire: for some reason, tightrope walking doesn't excite me the way it should.

Bolt: about a crazy computer animated dawg. Wait- dog.

Holiday in the Sun: This is a MARY KATE AND ASHLEY MOVIE. People still watch those?


Bubble said...

Will Ferrel went to my school! He's definitely really funny.

vicky/bruney said...

I don't think I've seen any of these....actually, that's a lie, I remember seeing Free Willy but being scared (??) and making my dad leave the theatre (I'm spelling it the British way...)!