February 2, 2010

Book Lists

Here is Crazy's list of books that would, ideally, be taught in a high school. Here are those which I have read, or will read:
-The Odyssey, unfortunately
-selections from The Canterbury Tales are next year
-so is The Scarlet Letter
-selections from Emerson, but at church, not school.
-selections from Thoreau, although I read Walden during the summer.
-Little Woman, but I read that, for myself, in elementary school
-Jane Eyre, a summer book, again.
-A Tale of Two Cities, in sophomore English
-Romeo and Juliet, Othello, and A Midsummer Night's Dream
-The Sun Also Rises, which I'm midway through. Also, Crazy wrote the following: "I like it better than A Farewell to Arms and HUGELY better than that stupid story where he chases around the fish." I agree with her whole-heartedly.
-The Great Gatsby, which I read this fall
-a short story by Woolf

I'm rather appalled that she didn't include Catcher in the Rye, which really ought to be on any list, in my opinion.

I also found a list here of thirty books everyone should read before their 30th birthday:
  1. Sidartha- from what I've heard, I'll pass, although it supposedly helps on SATs.
  2. 1984- I should probably read that one eventually.
  3. To Kill A Mockingbird- I read it in eighth grade, and, to be honest, I think it's a bit overrated.
  4. A Clockwork Orange- would have been better if Otis hadn't spoilt it.
  5. For Whom the Bell Tolls- it's Hemingway, and not Old Man and Sea, so maybe I'd like it
  6. War and Peace- sounds long and painful
  7. The Rights of Man- is written by Paine. More or less pain than War and Peace?
  8. The Social Contract- Rousseau. This is not a novel. I will not read it.
  9. One Hundred Years of Solitude- anything that "does not have a plot in the traditional sense" does not seem as if it will be a great deal of fun.
  10. The Origin of Species- well, that might actually be fun.
  11. The Wisdom of the Desert- sounds like something my mom would read before forcing a new supplement on me.
  12. The Tipping Point- Malcolm Gladwell. Can I leave it at Outliers?
  13. The Wind in the Willows- never heard of it. Sounds nice, though
  14. The Art of War- military strategy. blech.
  15. The Lord of the Rings- I've read some. Vastly overrated, again.
  16. David Copperfield- I started it and liked it, but we read it in school next year, so I didn't want to do the whold thing.
  17. Four Quartets- poetry? I'll pass.
  18. Catch-22- this I'd rather like to read.
  19. The Great Gatsby- been there, done that.
  20. The Catcher in the Rye- see #19
  21. Crime and Punishment- sounds foreign and confusing. What fun!
  22. The Prince- Machiavell. Will probably destroy my optimistic worldview
  23. Walden- I read it. Loved it. Highly recommend it.
  24. The Republic- Plato. Not a novel. "Gripping and enduring" makes it sound like bad sex.
  25. Lolita- this I'd like to read.
  26. Getting Things Done- self help. I'd really rather not.
  27. How to Win Friends and Influence People- more self help. And it sounds snooty.
  28. Lord of the Flies- I've always wanted to read that one.
  29. The Grapes of Wrath- I'm sorry, but I really just don't like Steinbeck.
  30. The Master and Margarita- Emily read this, our teacher hadn't heard of it, but it's apparently quite good.
Yay books! Yay reading! Now, back to Hemingway.


Gretchen said...

lord of the flies was pretty good. i didn't like sidartha that much. it was okay...
but i loved catcher in the rye!!
last year they read the scarlet letter in language, did they change it to lit?

Ginny said...

LOTF was... interesting. I read it twice for English (once in 9th grade and once in 10th).

For Crazy's list, I've read:

selections from Emerson
selections from Thoreau
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte-partly, when I found a random copy of the book
poems by Emily Dickinson, Whitman
Huck Finn by Twain
Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, The Tempest.
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald-shall read, starting... tomorrow

And the other list:

To Kill a Mockingbird-sparknoted, cause I was too lazy to check out the original book from the library
War and Peace-is really long, and I've only read the 1st chapter
Catcher-totally. I loved it too.
Walden-only excerpts. it's interesting too, to some extent (Chris McCandless killed it somewhat for me)
Lolita-wiki'd it before

I probably should read more.

Julie said...

you haven't read 1984??!! it's so good. you need to read it.