September 29, 2009


is that a group of people in my science class (Ali, Gnatta, Christoph, Dino, Tybalt, and Sergio) were able to have a long discussion about shoe sizes (Dino, for any interested parties, had the largest) without devolving in the slightest bit to making size jokes. There weren't even any snickers and pointed glances. I'm somewhat shocked. I thought that other high schoolers spent as much time in the gutter as I do!

On a more serious note, we had a discussion about gender distribution during math today. For some reason, only one third of the B.C. calc classes are female. Why did this happen? Oh, fellow females, why have you abandoned me so? I think the whole "guys are better at math" thing is utterly bogus. Do guys really just care that much less about grades? Maybe they don't feel that constant need to prove themselves, to show the teacher and fellow students that they really deserve to be in the tough classes. Are girls just scared out of the big, bad, b.c.? It seems difficult to believe. And when, precisely, are we getting funneled into lower levels. It doesn't seem to be early on, so why such a skew at higher levels? I don't get it! Does it have to do with us just assuming that guys are smarter? I mean, look at Gretchie's and my valedictorian list. Sure, we managed eight guys on the last one, but that took a fair amount of manipulating on out part. The first people we thought of on our extended list were all male, and we had to talk ourselves into adding girls to the top spots on the final. And as far as reputations go, the smart people, when others are asked to name them, are Bryant, Tybalt, Livny, and Mario. Never mind that Julie took B.C. last year as well, or that I keep up with Tybalt just fine much of the time, or that Livny has an ego far larger than anything else of his (that was a size joke), or that Mario really isn't much of writer. It's always the guys who get listed! It's just so utterly infuriating!

End rant.


Julie said...

There are four girls and five guys in my Multivariable class.

I think, 1. that our grade's intelligence (as compared to others) happens to be skewed toward boys (there were three girls, as I recall, in 8th grade geometry at my school), 2. the boys happen to be a lot more self-promoting, in a way, and there is a kind of "smart nerdy boy" clique/support system that the girls don't have, 3. yes, it has been scientifically proven that men's IQ is more concentrated at the outliers than women's. There are more genius men, and there are more profoundly mentally disabled men.

vicky/bruney said...

I'm only one of like 5 girls in my AP Econ class although ms. pointy (like the name gretchie?) says that there are more in the other class

i just love my word: chlog
i think i'll use it instead of urgle from now on