September 7, 2009

Barnes and Noble

I made a book buying trip, yet again, and came home with three books: The Reluctant Heiress, by Eva Ibbotson, in which the protagonist has the same first name as yours truly, The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, by e. lockhart, who I typically enjoy, and whose book Fly on the Wall contains a memorable categorization of, well, guys' butts, and finally The Singing, which is the fourth book of Pellinor, by Croggen, and I actually screamed a little bit when I saw it because I was so excited.

That was a horrible run-on sentence, by the way. My apologies.


adorably said...

I need to go to Barnes and Nobles...
Haven't been there in awhile, sounds like they have some good books in stock!!

The Singing sounded good.
I should get that for my outside reading.

And tell me how the Reluctant Heiress is...
I've heard good things about the author!