September 2, 2009

Operation Forget Mario

I have decided that this ridiculous crush thing is going to stop right here. I am sick of all the blushing and other ridiculousness, and I am moving onto greener pastures. Well, I'll move onto greener pastures eventually. I suppose that'll have to be phase II, assuming the phase I trials go well.

Anyways, my plan is to excise him from my mind and life for the rest of September (the life removal bit is made more difficult by having two classes with him, but I have faith!). I will not bring him up in conversation. If any of you attempt to tease me, I will hit you or ignore you, depending on my mood. Please don't point out the blushing, since I'm hoping that it'll go away if I stop thinking about it. I'm not going to write about him either, here or in my journal. I will even try not to think about him, although that really didn't work to well last fall. This will be an entirely Mario-less month. After 30 days, on October 1st (HALLOWEEN! (that is a joke directed at Tierra, who doesn't actually read this, but whatever)), I will stop and reevaluate.

Don't wish me luck. That would be a reminder.