September 3, 2009

Biographical Poem

We had to write these for health class. Our teacher, Ms. Martie, is a recent college graduate and she's trying to use 'fun' curriculum. However, I'm pretty sure the curriculum was designed for elementary school students. Not that I'm complaining- last class, all we did was draw giant flowers that had our similarities in the middle and our differences on the petals. I was labeled "Math geek," since other people in the group had my standard plays piano, plays guitar, likes art, loves science, hates sports, and rarely watches TV.

Tea, Tea is her name
Tall, unique, yet entirely the same,
Loves her sisters, Genie and Shelby,
Feels emotions, sad and happy,
Needs her food and gives birthday presents,
Shares the planet with foxes and pheasants,
Fears the bloodsucking violent mosquitoes,
Likes to see movies and concerts and shows...

The last two lines are about my town and last name, but I figured that I ought to take them out. I'm so fabulously creative, no?

Also, speaking of our town, as you may or may not know, we have our own magazine. Well, I can't find the article online, but Dino is on the cover (along with 9 other students, including his older brother). I may have to bring it in and show it around a bit. Were you aware that he's a rising star of Paperclip High School? And his academic record is such that we should already know of him?

Whoever was researching clearly didn't realize the sheer number of students at PHS with academic records just as good as Dino's.


Gretchen said...

bi didn't remember who dino was so i checked it up. ugh. really?? the magazine had noone else to use but dino!?!

how unjust.

but yes, do bring in the magazine. i would like to see it.

Julie said...

my reaction was exactly the same as gretch's: ugh. i dislike him. what accomplishments has he had that make him so special?

Jackie said...

here's mine...i really wanted to say "who feels that this assignment insults her intelligence," but i decided that was against my better judgement.

Honest, big-hearted, and fearless
Sister of Avry, Sum, Enni and Nough
Who loves sailing away and traveling alone
Who feels the world would be better without iPods and cell phones
Who needs no one to contest the previous line
Who gives all of her heart away at one time
Who fears nothing, at least, nothing to date
Who would like to see materialism wane and abate
Who shares nobody’s secrets, save for her own
Who is excited for the end of this poem
Who is a resident of this planet, her home.

vicky/bruney said...

I don't really like him either he is the assistant business manager of Leadbits (our paper) (hahahaha..I'm above him, he works for me!!!!!!) and he never shows up to do work except once a semester or so, so he can retain his title...