September 21, 2009


Today, when I walked out of the guidance department, I exited the door just as Mario and Marsh walked past. Mario smiled and gave me that funny little two-fingered wave he's so fond of. I smiled back. That kind of made my day a little bit, which is, really, rather sad.

Actually, I lied. The hundred on my physics test was the highlight. According to snapgrades, I have the highest average in the class (this would put me ahead of Tybalt, which always makes me happy).

Speaking of Marsh, last night, I went to dinner at my grandparents' house. My grandmother, Anne, is practically computer illiterate, so she's been taking classes at the senior center. She is, however, very proud of herself for being skilled enough to skip Computer 101, and isn't even the bottom of her class! Anyways, she's been considering getting some extra lessons to learn how to do online shopping, and a couple of the other little old ladies (well, my grandmother is almost my height, and hardly little, but I'm sure the rest of them are smaller) said she should hire this lovely high school boy named- well, I can't say it here, but it's Marsh's first name, as well as John's and Garrett's. Because I know a handful of them, I wanted to know the last name, and she went to get the little pamphlet, which was basically composed of lots of little computer pictures, brightly colored font, and a little note saying that his own grandmother could attest to his teaching abilities. (Isn't that just so sweet? said Gramma Anne). I was thinking either Garrett or someone I didn't know, because, really, who can imagine old ladies taking to Marsh of all people? Julie came up for a good word for describing why, and I can't remember what it was, but it was rather funny and fitting. Anyways, if you know any old ladies in need of computer help- Marsh to the rescue!