September 20, 2009


I just read Lock and Key, by Sarah Dessen. Below is a passage from said book:

"'Again,' he said to me, pointing at the book with his pencil, 'remember the power rule. It's the key to everything you're trying to do here.' ... 'The power rule,' Olivia recited, flipping her phone open. 'The derivative of any given variable (x) to the exponent (n) is equal to product of the exponent and the variable to the (n-1) power.'"

Maybe I'll actually be able to remember it now.

So far, I have been on two driving excursions by myself. Yesterday, I went to Trader Joe's. After I parked, I got out of the car and walked around it, checking to make certain that it was straight. A man walking past gave me a questioning look. "Is your taillight out?"

"No, I just got my license this morning, and I'm making sure I parked alright."

"Really? Congratulations." He came over and gave me a high five. "Just don't go parking anywhere near my car, alright?"

I laughed. "Sure."

Today, I went to Staples (the office supply superstore) and bought some at-home binders for physics and english, as well as some notecards to replenish my rapidly dwindling stash. I drove the pick-up truck there, with the windows wide open, classic rock blasting to the extent that I ever blast music, by which I mean that it was barely audible, singing along and grinning uncontrollably despite the fact that I was only going about thirty miles an hour.

Driving is fun.


Gretchen said...

i read that book a while ago. what always confused me was, didn't she give the key to the guy when he left?!? how does she then drop it in the bottom of the pond??

vicky/bruney said...

way to spoil the ending gretchie...what if I wanted to read that??? Although if the whole book is about derivatives I probably wouldn't have read it in the first place so I guess I forgive you...

guess what? I saw vaccination at synagogue today...I contemplated mentioning you but decided against it...(just kidding...)

Tea said...

she gives the guy the key to the house she now lives in, and she drops the key to the place the honeycutt's own into the water.