September 12, 2009


am I. Tired am I. Yoda am I.

I was going to post a clip from glee, but, unfortunately, I can't find it.

So, Tea and Caleb converse

Caleb: what course are u doing?

Tea: hopefully cytoskeleton

Caleb:o boy

that course was...interesting to say the least

Tea: hmm

that's not good?

Caleb: the teacher is a nutjob

Tea: gaaaahhh

Caleb: it wasn't bad

Tea: did you learn much?

Caleb: just straight lecture though

Tea: I don't mind that

so long as it's intersting

Caleb: i kinda didn't pay much attention

and it requries looking at pics of diseased people

Tea: ewww

I have issues with diseased people

there's a reason I decided to do shp instead of mrt training

Caleb: ?


Tea: medical response technician?

I think

they work on ambulances

what are you signed up for?

Caleb: IDK

Tea: haha

Caleb: bacteriology or black holes?

Tea: bacteriology is AWESOME


just saying

Caleb: really?

what makes it AWESOME?

Tea: if was fun!


not if

it was about an hour of lecture

then a lot of waiting for gels to run

and centrifuges




Caleb: hmm


Tea: and we got food the last day

i like oreos

a lot

they're delicious

Caleb: ooo organic chem is fun

all we do is hang out in a lab

and we got food EVERYDAY!

Tea: yeah

but you don't learn anything!

Caleb: u took it?

Tea: no

but that's what ______ and ______ said

Caleb: o


that's what i said too

Tea: and you then smile.tif

but was totally worth it

Caleb: i burned myself badly in that class

Tea: why?



Caleb: i was retarded

because i didn't realize that after placing a beaker on the flame, it would get hot

i put it on the table w/ forceps

...and then proceed to pick it up w/ my hand

Tea: ow

at least you didn't try to put out something that caught on fire by dumping it in ethanol

Caleb: o genius

nah i used gasoline

Tea: much more effective, that

someone did that in bacteriology last semester


and the whole beaker went up in flames

it was really really cool

Caleb: ...

u use fire in bacteriology?

Tea: to sterilize stuff!

we have bunson burners lit at ALL TIMES

Caleb: WHOA

im totally gonna take it now

do we work in lab groups?

Tea: brb



kind of

we pick

lab partner


but then people don't show up

so I worked with a couple of girls on one table

and then one week they both didn't show

so I basically moved permenantly to another table and worked with someone else

but yes

it is all groups

oh and haha about taking it now

so, in what way is the cyto teacher scary?

I want to be prepared

Caleb: well..she's SO energetic

and LOUD

Tea: sounds like my little sister

Caleb: u'd expect her to hop away

Tea: ?

Caleb: o and she has an incredibly short attention span

Tea: eh


I'm sure I'll manage

it beats a painfully long attention span


this whole conversation was full of long, excruciating pauses. Then, after this, he just STOPPED RESPONDING. Jerk.

then we just stopped talking. it's odd.


vicky/bruney said...

Hey! you changed the theme again!!! Actually, that's good because now your blog works on my computer was all weird before...

I was at Starbucks today but I didn't see Mario, maybe he realized I was reporting all the times I saw him there to you and now he doesn't go to Starbucks anymore...maybe he's become a dunkin donuts fan because of me

Tea said...

Well, he definitely goes in the mornings before school. He brought a small starbucks drink with him to ASR last week first period and was about ten minutes late (I suppose that would actually be a size 'tall.' And it was probably coffee, because when he gets teas, they're usually bigger), and Dr. Verona was all "you can't drink those in here!" And Mario's like "it's okay, it's a small!"
I'm not sure why the size makes a difference...

Jackie said...

um, excuse me, what happened to OFM (Operation Forget Mario)? It hasn't been a month yet! Bad brunhilda!!

vicky/bruney said...

tea gave that up weeks ago...get with the times jackie!!! and I've seen mario like 4 times at Starbucks each time embarrassing myself more than the last so I thought I just had to share the Mario sightings with tea...

Julie said...

OFM is over??? so are you asking him to counties?

why does starbucks call "small" "tall" anyway? i always just call it a small.

Tea said...

IT IS NOT OVER!!! And counties are in what, four months? I am not asking ANYBODY for a good solid couple more months. I just can't bear to stop hearing Vicky's funny stories. They're so....funny.

And I agree. It's stupid.