April 21, 2009


Well, Vicky kindly asked that I post something, and she likes it when my posts relate to her, so here's the reflection on what graduation will be like that I wrote for U.S. History.

When I graduate from high-school, my parents, sisters, and grandparents will be watching. The moment will be bittersweet; I'll be sad about leaving my friends family, and the comfortable, predictable home I've had, but happy to be gaining independence.
I'll be sweating probably, roasting from the heat, but I'll still hug all my friends and swap awkward goodbyes with the many people I won't actually miss. It's odd to think that the only times I return will be to see my younger sisters complete this same ritual.
I'll listen to the valedictorian, and Dodig (who will probably give the same speech about staples being amazing at everything that I've already heard three times), and whomever else is supposed to speak, but I won't really pay attention. Instead, I'll be playing back my high school years in my head, agonizing over any regrets I may have accumulated. Then I'll look ahead again and wonder where the people around my will be by our 20th reunion. Will we still follow the same social hierarchy after that many years? And will it be any different at college.
When the graduation is over, my parents will take pictures, and my father and grandmother will cry, and my mother will laugh, and my sisters will make fun of how I look and tell me to go hug whatever guy they decided to watch during the ceremony, and I'll smile anyways, knowing that I'm finally done.


Vicky said...

Haha! you won't be listening to the valedictorian speak, you'll probably be making the speech yourself! I am definitely coming back to the high school reunion. We'll have to meet up there...I bet that all of the popular people become morbidly obese and have bad jobs while you can impress everyone with a demo of your sci proj thingy which lights up the world (you know, hammer, pound the batteries to bits and stuff them in the pipes..., who cares about the lost electrolytes, just douse the whole thing in electrolyte water...)!