April 17, 2009

Spa Day

Today, my mother, my sisters (Genovia, 14, and Shelby, 12), and my cousin Lia (who is Shelby's age) are having a spa-day. I decided to join them in the hot-tub. Once My mom got out to go shower, Lia and Shelby instigated a game of truth or dare.
Genovia got a dare and had to yell, "I LOVE JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE" as loud as she could. Lia got a dare and yelled "I LOVE LUCAS!" who is apparently a boy in school with her and Shelby. Then, Shelby got a truth and said that she had never kissed a boy. At that point, I was overheated, so I tried to get out of the tub, when Genovia said, "Okay, Tea, truth time! Have you ever kissed a boy?"
I hightailed it out of the tub, saying, "I'm not answering that one" in what I hoped was an aloof manner.
"I knew it," Lia cawed, and I just shrugged. Little did they know I just didn't want to admit to catty Lia that I hadn't kissed any boys.
Genovia responded with, "I knew you'd been secretly making out with Mario on the train!"

Oh, siblings.


Vicky said...

HAHAHA!!! You and "Mario" would make a great couple.... perhaps you could even reveal to him your super secret science project thingy...(am I the only outsider who knows?) I guess you can tell me because I'm not a risk to steal it (I'm just too dumb to ever figure out what to do with it) "Mario" could take it and run!

Tea said...

haha! Just want to let you know that your comments are totally making my vacation!

Vicky said...

that in addition to your scary scifi books!? Ughh...I get scared soooo easily, My bro we'll call him "Hiemlech" (after the hiemlech maneuver...) and I, were watching the Indiana Jones movies (well, he was watching and I had build a pillow fort to shield my eyes from the scary skeletons which consistently pop out every 10 secs or so...) anyway, I saw all of about 15 consecutive minutes of the movie where Indiana was not doing anything related to skeletons which have been rotting for centuries....

Hiemlech and I have spent the other part of our break transforming our pool/rec room into a HUGE pillow and blanket fort. Basically, we used every pillow and blanket in the house to create a 5 room mansion with 2 foot ceilings. It's pretty much the 8th wonder of the world...Hiemlech (he's 13 btw) and I are convinced we should become architects together...

see you back in school. you have Honors US 1st period monday!!!!!! (haha if you don't like it, have fun if you do...) either way, I'll be at Starbucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!