January 18, 2010

Awkward Phone Conversation

"Tea," said Mom. "Could you call Libby for me? I need to tell her we're going to be there in an hour."

Libby is Mom's friend from college. She is also the mother of Donal, the boy who looked exactly like Nick Jonas until he shaved all his hair off. He did look better with a bit more hair, but it came off because he told a friend with one of those awful semi-pubescent kind-of-beards that if he shaved the beard, Donal would shave the skull, so I have to credit Donal with a certain amount of altruism, as one less badly bearded boy breeds a better world. Her daughter, Alba, is only eleven but already has bigger feet than me. Her husband is named Sherman. They live near Boston, so we were spending the night there.

"Yeah, sure."

"Great." Mom dialed and passed the phone to me.

"Hi," said a male voice.

"Oh, hello, it's Tea and [Tea's Mom]," I said to the voice. "It's Sherman," I told Mom.

"Oh, tell him we'll be there in an hour," said Mom, at the exact same time Sherman said, "No, it's Donal."

I started talking. "Oh, well, I heard I guy, so I assumed-"

"Yeah, I'm not my Da-"

"Sorry. I just got confused and thought that-"

"Tell him we'll be there are 4:40!" said Mom.

"It's not Sherman, it's Donal!"

"Tell him anyways!"

"Okay! Donal, our GPS is forecasting an estimated arrival time of 4:37."



"Well, we're at home."

"That's good."


"I kind of figured you were at home, since this is the home phone."

"Well, we'll still be here."

"Okay. Um. Bye."


We both hung up.


Gretchen said...

ehh...it didn't seem that awkward. meaning it could have been a lot worse. for example, my mom decided to ask me about boys during dinner today. WE NEVER TALK ABOUT THIS, EVERRR.

Tea said...

I think I didn't do a good enough job at illustrating the long, drawn out pauses between each comment.

Also, Shelby and Genie saw Mario at the bookstore today, and Shelby has declared him "not the most attractive guy in the world, but quite cute." Also, he was wearing plaid shorts. And immediately after Genie pointed him out to her, Shelby walked into a bookshelf. I am glad I wasn't there, because it would have been awkward.

and Hahaha about your mother. She's probably trying to keep tabs on your life and understand you! When you grow up, will you not be painfully nosy with your own kids?

Ginny said...

My parents have this conversation with me about boys.

Dad: So, you're not going to date in high school.
Me: Uh... what? (Why are we even talking about this... like... in the middle of dinner when we were just talking about some other random thing?)
Mom: Do any of the boys like you in school?
Me: (Thinks back to all those freaky guys who comment on the weirdest things I do/say.) Uh, I don't know.

So not awkward at all.

Julie said...

my parents are semi-dedicated to setting me up with people. including people i don't know (e.g. my dad's friend's son. i have never told them anything relating to boys and my liking them, and that is for a good reason. same with my siblings. however i will be nosy with my kids because i already am nosy. so be it.

word: ploonfet. YES!!!