January 6, 2010

Math Geeks and Prom

Because, of course, we need to be thinking about prom dates already. Although I was having perfectly reasonable conversation with Ginny, Tybalt, and Gretchen, the group in the back had other ideas. Owen couldn't figure out who to ask to senior prom, so Mario suggested that he ask a junior or sophomore- if you ask down, the girl is so excited to even be going that she'll enjoy it more. Because that worked so well for Mario, who barely talked to his senior prom date (he is, by the way, actually going to Counties with Rachel. This still pisses me off. A lot. I wish I could tag along a cackle gleefully over their awkwardness, because, as it is, I'll just be stuck trying to sleep and being accosted by horrible images of what they could be getting up to. HCl, HCl, HCl). They consensus was that Irving put out an advertisement on the morning show and request applications, two recommendations needed. This started because of some brief mention that Dino was in need of a fembot, as Irving and Owen had only just noticed that Dino talks like a robot, and they seem to find this the funniest thing in the whole world.

They were laughing as much as Kathrya did this morning when she said I wanted to see Mario without any pants on and I started throwing shirts at her, and she decided that meant I was proposing marriage and crumpled to the floor, dissolved into hysterics.

I told this to Gretchen, and her response was to look at me, confused. "You want to see him without PANTS on?!" "That's not the point," I responded.

Anyways, after the math meet, I was walking towards my truck with Melissa, Tybalt and Bryant.

"So, Tea," Melissa said. "If, hypothetically, Dino asked you to prom..."


"If, hypothetically, and I'm not saying he will, it's just that I'm supposed to find him a date and I think I need to start asking early, Dino asked you to prom, would you say yes?"

"Well....." I trailed off.

Tybalt and Bryant laughed.

"I mean, I don't have any big vendetta against him or anything, and I can't see any reason to turn him down, so I'd probably end up saying yes, but...don't make me your first choice, okay?"

"Sure. It's just, you're nice, so I thought you'd say yes."

"I need to get meaner."

"It's alright, I'll start looking for sophomores. I figure if I find someone now, I can introduce them and give them time to get to know each other before hand."

"I don't want to be mean to him, it's just that, well, if we went together, we'd just end up insulting each other the whole time."

"Awwww. It'd be like a love-hate relationship!"

I snorted incredulously. "Bye!" I called and then split off to go to my truck.

I think Tybalt or Bryant said "bye" back. Melissa definitely didn't.


Kathrya said...

hahaha, I was such a train wreck this morning. It was better after gym because I'd gotten over my laugh and then start crying and then start laughing again spree. I think it was our massive pickleball skills that reverted me back to normal.

And Gretch, I love you. So much. That cracked me up kinda sorta a lot.

And GOOD GOD it's not even after counties!! Why on earth are they talking about prom dates already?! It's fairly ridiculous. And by fairly, I mean very, very, very ridiculous.... then again the girls were thinking about counties beginning of last year. Some were doing it freshman year. At least they aren't that bad.

also, my word verification was epnis. which is just off of penis. and so, of course, i giggled.

Jackie said...


Tea said...

I feel like I could never just be like NO though. I mean, it'd be mean!

Julie said...

PLEASE don't go with Dino. Then we would have to hang out with him for the whole night. Just pretend you're going with someone else. Rope someone into pretending they asked you or something.

I heard that guys don't think about prom until after April break. I guess I was wrong. I hope prom drama doesn't get as exciting four months before as counties drama does, because that's exhausting.

Nothing will happen between Mario and Rachel. To put it nicely, she's not exactly attractive, and he's not exactly fond of her. Remember that.

So who's putting out an ad on the morning show - Owen or Irving? Didn't I tell you about how Krystal wanted me to ask Owen to counties? Do these senior guys even know any sophomore girls?

Ummm, freshmen and sophomores were talking to me/others about Counties today and yesterday. It was amusing. One of them said I was a player for asking a senior. And my 8th grade sister is now excited. Oh dear.

Tea said...

I don't even want to think about it. I mean, I barely even talk to any guys, so I'm unlikely to get asked, and it's really unenjoyable to watch other people get all excited about it when you're moping.

And I know that bit about Mario and Rachel (I've got to change her name to something less attractive), but I also know that he's not altogether fond of me either, so I shouldn't even care!

Irving's on the morning show, yes about Krystal, They don't know any girls aside from Umber and a few other smart girls they say mean things about.

haha. Julie the playahhh

Julie said...

So Irving's putting out an ad for himself or for Owen? Haha, it doesn't matter, both ideas are hilarious to imagine happening.

Gretchen said...

wait tea! if you change your nickname you have to tell me! otherwise i will be very confused.

haha, kathrya. when tea first told me the story she didn't clearly say who "he" was, so at first i thought you/tea were refering to tybalt and i was like "why!?!?" then after tea confirmed it was mario i was like "EW. WHY!?!?"

yea tea, you deserve to go with someone much better and cooler. you're just too good for him.

Jackie said...

tea, you are a gorgeous, innovative girl who is bound to get asked by SOMEONE other than dino. any geek is better than that geek!! well, except for mario, because he's a dork who said yes to Rachel.
And i was thinking a few days that her name is not nearly disgusting enough, because I have friends named Rachel.
Can we please call her Poofball?
Okay, really, you may laugh, I have a good argument:

You take the acronym P.F.B., which stands for Poo-Flinging Baboon, and tack on an L for loser. Try to pronounce it phonetically - it sounds like Poofball! Fittingly, this references the state of her hair, which should be added to the list of states of matter as it doesn't really fall in with any of the usual four.

It was meant to be.