January 25, 2010

Found Objects

in my A.P. English pocket divider that literally exploded last week:
  • R-rated movie permission slip for Spanish class
  • A New York Times Op-Ed article we analyzed about 4 months ago
  • 1 sheet unreinforced blank notepaper
  • 3 sheets reinforced blank notepaper
  • 8 pages of museum synthesis prompt
  • registration details for a science fair I'm not participating in
  • 2 scoring commentaries written in incomprehensible handwriting (even worse than Peter's)
  • Leo Africanus's description of Africans from Shakespearian times
  • 4 pages of synthesis essay prompts
  • The first page of Umber's research paper from last year about plastic bags
  • an exemplar photocopy of my essay about pennies
  • my actual essay about pennies
  • the first chapter of Sarah Palin's book
  • an 8 page packet on invasive species
  • 2 more sheets of unreinforced notepaper
  • a full transcript of Obama's speech on race
  • 6 page packet on space exploration
  • Othello 4.2.52-80
  • the actual penny essay exemplar
  • 10 page packet on pennies
  • my entire A.P. English midterm


Gretchen said...

you got to keep your midterm??

haha, my english teacher went on a rant about palin's book once.