January 4, 2010

Hairy Harry Haircut

I entered the cafeteria this morning entirely unsuspecting of the great change that had occurred. Cammie called me over to a well-populated table.

"Ohmigod, ohmigod, Teaaaaaaaa."

I dumped my stuff and joined her jumping. "Ohmigod, whattt?"

"Harry cut his hair and-"

I squealed, cutting her off. "WHAT?!?"

"Harry cut his hair and I-"

"Oh my goddd!" I bounced more.

"I know! I saw him during gym, and I was like, woah. Woah. Woah. I totally understand what you were talking about!"

"I know!"

"I mean, he looks hot!"

"I know!"

"I told you so!" added Ali.

"We are so smart," I said, and high-fived her.

"I called in in seventh grade, baby."

"Sixth!" I was triumphant.

"I didn't know him in sixth grade!"

"Your loss."

"Hmph," said Ali. "Well, I think he has this lunch."

Cammie craned her neck to see over Ali. "He does. I see him. Look!"

"I'm not going to look," I said. "It's weird."

"I'm looking," said Ali. "Damn."

"I know!" said Cammie.

Feeling left out, I turned to look as well. "I can't see anything. I don't have my glasses on."

"Well, put them on," advised Cammie.

"Okay, that is just too creepy," I said, and sat down. Further Harry observations will have to wait until tomorrow.


Jackie said...

HAHAHHAHA. Every one was commenting on it during french, madame went around the room and asked everyone what they did on vacation, and Harry was last.
"Et toi, Harry?"
"Et toi, tes vacances, Harry?"
"Euh...rien." (uh, nothing)
"YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!" said at least three people, in english, to remind him. He shook his head and looked peevish. Josh said he looked like the kid in my physics and chem class whose real name is Josh's blog name. I laughed.

Jackie said...

i meant to tell you this earlier, too. my first thought upon seeing his haircut was "Wow, I can't wait to tell Tea that Harry is no longer hairy! And see how long it takes her to figure out what I'm talking about."