January 10, 2010

Writing Away

What on earth inspired me to apply to RSI? It's not as if I'll get in- after all, it's RSI, nobody gets in. Sure, I'm special on occasion, but I haven't competed in six hundred zillion math olympiads or won a six-foot diameter science medal to use as a headboard. I'm good, but I doubt that I'm really top-fifty-in-the-country material.

And yet....if I got in, it would be so. freaking. cool. I mean, all summer, for science, and research, and hanging out with other people as obsessed as I am (not that I don't do that already), and getting out of the house for once (if I have to listen to one more phrase about folding laundry or syrup allocation, I swear to god, I will scream), and.....if only "how much you want it" were a section on the application. I guess "why I want to go here" is supposed to be subtext.

Either that, or the great omniscient "they" assumes that everyone wants to go there because it's MIT, and anyone who doesn't want to go to MIT clearly isn't worthy anyways.

I think I've spent more time reviewing these essays than I spent revising my research paper. Which I get back tomorrow. My lord that art in heaven, if thou doth let my paper not sucketh, I wilt be most happyeth.

By my lord, I mean Shakespeare, and I think he only understands fake olde english, so this prayer ought to get through just fine.


Julie said...

Ah, RSI. What a wonderful time-consuming application. Now let's enjoy the feeling of failure as we realize what this program actually is - harder to get into than MIT itself. Sigh. However, the feeling of not being worthy should not figure at all - we're just normal human beings and not the superhumans these people want. At least you went to the Science Symposium, and I think SCISEF too.

Tea said...

The science symposium is hardly worth mentioning, and no, I didn't go to SCISEF (me and my shp).

For some reason, a feeling of failure isn't one that I harbor any particular wish to savor.

Julie said...

Somehow I thought sarcasm reared its ugly head there. I might have been wrong.

Tea said...

Wading through sarcasm gets continually more difficult as one moves further away from the hour at which one was last asleep.

Gretchen said...

i like your new template. it makes me happy

congrats on your research paper! i hope you and julie get good news about the rsi thing.

Julie said...

I'd be perfectly happy with just proof the application didn't get lost in the mail.

Ginny said...

Good luck on RSI! (no idea what it is, but it sounds like lots of science)

I am procrastinating on my 10 remaining notecards by reading your blog. The new template and colors make me happy too. All green and cheerful and stuff!