January 13, 2010


There are many forms of signatures. There are signature traces of elements that could be used to identify the composition of distant planets. There are also signatures at the ends of emails. For instance, Gretchen always signs off with:
Even on one-line correspondences, Yuma is partial to:
Ginny signs off with her phone number, cell phone number, and an alternate email followed by an admonition: "If you received this message for any reason and are not the intended recipient, please delete this message immediately. Thank you" and brainy quote of the day.

My personal preference is ~Gretchen, but that tends to confuse people who don't realize that I am using mathematical logic to state, in case they weren't aware, that I am not Gretchen.

My least favorite signature is "Sent from my iphone," because it's a really annoying product placement.

There is also the matter of real signatures, those lovely, loopy things used to sign important legal documents, such as driver's licenses. On my license, I ran out of space, so it only has the first two letters of my last name. Apparently, that doesn't at all render the signature invalid.

During physics on Monday, Gage was trying to create a fancy signature for himself. The desks were all messed up, so I was next to him and Tybalt was in front of us, and he asked us which signatures we liked best (he'd covered an entire page with possibles). He was trying to decide between two, but both of them had these funny little hearts on the end that came from however he made the last letter of his last name, and once I pointed them out, he decided not to use those. Hearts are, after all, very girly, especially for a guy who walks as if his arms are too big for his hands to reach his thighs. All the Gs in the beginning looked funny, so I suggested that he just leave off the first name all together, since Gs are extremely difficult to draw nicely in script. Ls are, after all, much prettier in cursive.

I'm not sure what he ended up choosing, but I'm sure it looked nicer than my signature does. Why did I have to have first letters that look so downright awful?

On a totally unrelated note, I saw that Rube had sent me a facebook chat I hadn't seen. It was completely simple, just "Hey, Tea, have you seen Avatar?" and yet, after I read it, I found myself leaning towards the computer and grinning stupidly.

I keep logging back on to facebook to see if he's come online so I can respond.

I'm beginning to think that Julie can't have him.


Ginny said...

Technically, I don't usually sign my email with anything, because it's an automatic signature thing.

You should've seen my old FirstClass email signature. It was over twenty lines long.

And I want a loopy signature too! I just sign my name in a fast way, so it's not as neat as if I wrote it slowly. That's the extent of my handwriting skills. I hate how, on the SATs, you have to handwrite that last statement thing. In my case, you can't even read what I wrote cause I just scribble through it so I don't keep the entire room behind.

Julie said...

Well, I'm disappointed, but since you actually know Rube...

Never mind, I won't give him up just yet. Even though we have never met and will never meet.

Gretchen said...

yeah, my signiture is also an automatic thingy i set in gmail.

is rube in our grade?

ugh, my signiture is terrible. after the first half of my name, i get too lazy to do the second half so it just kinda trails off.

Jackie said...

ha, ha, ha. rube. you go girl.

also, i solved the bad-cursive-letters problem ages ago by using a larger lower-case g for uppercase.