January 11, 2010

Mushroom World

Gchat during science research, corrected with nice grammar and punctuation so it looks pretty.

Tea: Julie is offline. What is her problem? omgeedeeeez.

Julie: Jeez, I'm online.

Tea: Howdy.

Julie: We're sitting right next to one another.

Tea: yayyyyyyyyyyyyy

Julie: maybe we can talk.

Tea: haha. oh.


Tea: Kathrya and I were making fun of Mario during gym today. Cause he was doing random high kicks. He did, like, two and-

At this point, Julie snorted, and I started giggling, and we both dissolved into hysterical laughter loud enough that the entire class turned to look at us. Angela then started chatting me as well.


Tea: Nothing happened.

Angela: tell me NOW.


Angela: TELL ME

Tea: okay, fine, well, in gym today, my friend Kathrya and I were making fun of Mario because he did random high kicks.

Angela: mario...?

Tea: over there. behind you. by the computer in the front. next to the sub.

Angela: oh. HAHA SP FUNNY. So* SO**

Tea: yup.

Both conversations then devolved into massive numbers of copied and pasted crab emoticons.

About a half an hour later, I remembered that I could go and get my research paper back, so I snuck out of class and retrieved it from Mrs. Seltzia's room. On page five of the paper, I had written "Mario, who is quoted above, asked to be introduced in this paper as 'Paperclip's resident genius' (Mario). Although he wasn't entirely serious, these types of attitudes are not uncommon."

Seltzia's comment on the bottom: for this reason, I do- as much as I love Mario- question some of what he earlier said- though the reasons for his dissatisfaction I think may connect with what you also have already written about.

I immediately understood that she was implying that Mario's arrogance meant that his expressions of boredom probably flow more from a braggart's nature than an actual capacity beyond the schoolwork. I showed the comment to Mario, and he got stuck on the bit near the quote where she wrote "excellent." I attempted to explain the arrogance bit, but he just looked confused.

In order to further my own understanding, I endeavored, in a truly Mario-like fashion, to read some fun advice by people who talk about sex a lot. My horoscope here advises: That hottie you're so enamored with? Turns out they don't always say what they mean or mean what they say, if you know what we're saying. And we always mean what we say." Mario may not be that much of a hottie, and I'm not exactly enamored with him at this point, but he certainly does say conflicting things about his own intellectual abilities and whatnot. This horoscope is clearly presaging the comments on my paper.

Also, apparently Cosmo gives awful sex tips, so he's pretty much screwed.

Poor kid.


Julie said...


Tea said...

crisis averted.

Ginny said...

Wow, that's a rather accurate prediction...

Mine is "some people around you may turn green."

And I love the crab emotes! Except my laptop lags all the time and I can't use them every often.

Jackie said...

YAY CRAB EMOTICONS!! and of course mario was confused. he's a guy, that's their inherent destiny.

In other news...guess where these glorious sentences came from:

"Allowing the construction of the storage facility would disrupt and prevent the Shoshone-Bannock tribe to exercise their religion freely as stated under the First Amendment."

"Wanting to construct a road through the sacred areas of Chimney Rock in the Six Rivers National Forest would we cutting into Indian’s spiritual grounds."

"Similar to the present case, Jaczko v. Shoshone-Bannock, it goes against the RFRA and violating the rights of the Native American tribe to keep their land as it is, without government interference."

"Though the court agreed she was denied Freedom of Religion, she was still denied unemployment compensation, because she did not meet the state standards set for benefits. As seen in Sherbert v. Verner, the court is not required to make an exception in state policy for unemployment compensation for Adeil Sherbert, who could not worship her religion."

Thank you for the repetetetetition.

"The government can loose authority if constantly catering to every desire with religious purposes."

Tea said...

clearly I'm about to get doused in green paint.

Either that, or Dino, Edmund, and I are all having shotgun weddings and our parters are taking our names and the world is getting a healthy addition of greenery.

Sorry. I wasn't supposed to tell you.

Ginny said...

I wonder if Blogger supports emotes?

Oh, and, if you are having a shotgun wedding, can I decorate the walls with Hello Kitty balloons to balance it out with some pink? :)

Gretchen said...

ewww!!! i accidentally clicked on the link cause it was green and pretty...and disguesting!!! ugh. thanks tea.

haha, i like how you had to gchat julie in class.

haha, i thought it was funny how you said "he's pretty much screwed" when refering to the aweful tips, cause isn't screwed like a reference to sex or whatever? ugh, it's probably not funny now, but whatever. like it was slightly funny when i first read it, ugh...nevermind. see now i don't want to delete all of that so i guess i'll just leave it...

why crabs?

Tea said...

i don't think it does.

go for it with the balloons.

sorry, I should have warned you. I apologize.

and that was an entirely accidental pun, but if I'm going to have any hope of beating rube in our planned pun-off, i need to work on using those intentionally.

cause they're a fun emoticon on gchat.

Jackie said...

haha, i sniggered momentarily at that pun too....gretchen, you're not alone!

also, according to mozilla spell check, sniggered is not a word.