October 17, 2009

Day in Twenty Small Steps

1) Woke up
2) Got dressed, remembering to close door in case visitors were awake
3) Had cereal for breakfast, just like I do every other day of the year
4) Drove to high school for PSAT/NMSQTs
5) Parked a mile away from the building because I was afraid that staff parking still gets ticketed on Saturdays
6) Went to testing room with Nyx, Kathrya, Gretchen, Julie, and others, and spent an hour filling out the identification form
7) Freaked out about not having a non-mechanical pencil
8) Took test using mechanical pencil anyways
9) Finished twenty minutes early, got proctor's attention, and told him that he was planning on giving us 35 minutes for a 25 minute section
10) Watched the people in speedier classrooms leave through window in doorway
11) Lunch with Nyx
12) Watched first TV show in two weeks, the episode of America's Next Top Model from the week before last
13) Piano lesson
14) Babysat neighbors
15) Called mother and asked her to bring me fuzzy socks because mine got wet and my feet were cold
16) Was mildly disappointed that the hot older brother of said neighbors didn't call again
17) Did math packets until I was too cold and tired to continue
18) Watched Legally Blonde to distract myself from the cold
19) Convinced father of neighbors to only walk me to the end of his driveway, thus ending the awkward conversations during the walk to my house
20) Wrote blog post