October 26, 2009


I'd been avoiding writing about SHP, mostly because, although Melissa, Irving, and Mario haven't objected to my joining their little group, I can tell that they really wouldn't mind if I wasn't there. Not that that's some huge issue- there are now seven or so people on the train, so one or two missing wouldn't make that much difference. It's more this general dislike of them that's developing after listening to them bad mouth virtually every other smart person. I'm exaggerating really, and they're probably people I wouldn't like either For instance, I am perfectly willing to join discussions about how ridiculous Boris is, but even so, Boris doesn't really bother me, he just kind of is. I think maybe I'm just a bit less sensitive to ingratiating behavior. I mean, I can barely remember why I dislike Gnatta at this point, and even Dino, cruel as he may be, is bearable.

Funny how much nicer Mario seemed last year, when it was just him. Right now, his comments about freshman girls (See that black Nissan? There's a bed in the back. You up for it?), let alone the one's about middle schoolers ("I was hoping I misheard you, but, no, Mario, that is not an option," in Archie's words) are mostly making me want to punch him. Granted, this may be a defense mechanism designed to get me over him faster, and perhaps indicates that some portion of my subconscious has finally come to terms with the futility of it all, but maybe he was just a dick and I didn't notice it before, or this may be a statement about how nasty people become when put in groups, or about how males, when confronted with societal expectations, feel the need to act like nasty bastards.

I'm not sure, to be honest.


Julie said...

That's really disappointing. You and Mario were the first two to go to SHP, and that means that Melissa and Irving don't have the right to just barge in and shake up the whole scene. While I like them both and can't see them being openly mean, I understand what you're saying about being the awkward sort-of-in-the-group person. Sort of like XC for me to some extent...and no one on the team likes Gnatta, either. Even though she's supremely irritating, bossy, and somewhat conceited, I feel bad for her now because she seems not to have any real friends.

As Mario goes, yes, he's a complete dick. I think talking about his failed relationship (with a slutty, really stupid freshman who's now a sophomore and who rejected him via Facebook) in front of a class that he very well knows contains a girl who's liked him since sixth grade, qualifies. However, the whole freshman/middle school girl comments you're talking about may just be attention-seeking or hormonal boy issues. Boys seem to be a lot more vulgar than we are in terms of...everything. This realization of the fact that Mario is a jerk is, however, the process I went through last year, and you'll just wake up one day and realize you're over him.

Mario. What shall we do about thee?

Tea said...

I think boys tend to be vulgar within groups, to impress people, but girls tend to be vulgar in private, because they think it's fun. That might just be me, though ;). And I do that waking up and realizing I'm over him thing about twice a week, and then, a few hours later, I am no longer over him. It's more than a bit obnoxious.

and that is a very good question.

Jackie said...

Oh come on, imagining who would survive in a zombie attack is SO NOT VULGAR. at all.

Tea said...

I will never again be able to look Livney in the eye.

Tea said...

well, I didn't do that all that much before... but still!