October 14, 2009


I am far too sleepy after the college presentation thing (UVA, Johns Hopkins, and Northwestern) to post much of anything. Also, Dad was talking to me in the car on the way back about how I really should play piano for more things once the show's over, but that I'm really fine, and I shouldn't be freaking out over everything. Well, Dad, I only freak out when you tell me I need to join more clubs and play piano more and do anything other than continue to take life one day at a time. Honestly, talking about boys on the way over was far more fun then talking about schools on the way back. Next time, I'm totally bringing Mom.

Ohmygawd, I am, like, so totally sorry that I couldn't post more, but, omygawd, my blackberry was taking forever to load- i mean, like ten seconds, ohmygawd- and i just like couldn't deal and I had to check Cosmo, and ohmygawd, ohmygawd, ohmygawd.


Gretchen said...

i still don't really understand the whole OHMYGAWD thing. but i can see you doing it in my mind. it's funny.