October 1, 2009

Those Male-Dominated Fields

The math team advisor who is known to call the house at odd hours, just called and informed me that I'm on A-team for the meet next week. I told this to my Dad, and his response was "wow, that's like the mathlete equivalent of varsity! You're on starting varsity as a junior! Congrats!" Sure, Dad, whatever you say.

In other news, physics is phun. Fiziks, however, is fun. We did a lab today that basically involved Caroline and me crawling around on the floor, pulling a wooden brick around on a string like a dog, and laughing when Daniel repeatedly tripped over it without even noticing that he was tripping. I'm just hoping that we can go a while longer without our teacher noticing that Caroline and I do all of the math, and that Lauren and Charlotte did absolutely nothing during the lab period. I really don't mind doing the extra work- it's fun.

Today, my teacher talked about using pulleys to find the force of gravity, which Gretchen was talking about doing a lab involving. Apparently, it took her two hours longer at school than anticipated, and at one point, her teacher, Mrs. Cumulonimbus (I couldn't resist) decided that they needed some other help and flagged down Irving, who was nice enough to check their calculations. It was only after Irving had left that Gretchen discovered that Mrs. Cumulonimbus didn't actually know Irving at all, she just knew enough of him to know that he'd be of help.


Gretchen said...

mrs.cumulonimbus didn't flag down Irving!!! we did. well holly did. we were in the library and cumulonimbus had already left! holly was just like "irving! can you come over here for a second?" after he left we found out that she didn't actually know him. of course mrs.cumulonimbus knows irving!! she's the only one who teachers physics C

Jackie said...

Haha that lab was phun...we enjoyed stacking as much weight as possible on top of the carts, instead of actually doing the lab.

Additionally, French class is amuzing. (cross between amazing and amusing)random story from today...i will attempt to imitate the the pauses in Harry's speech with commas. And remember that in between the pauses he speaks super fast.
Bryant was using the computer to type out the notes for everyone, and the projector wasn't working. So Madame Shellac asked Livny to turn it on. Livny proceeded to climb up on the desk and stand there, fiddling with the on button.
Livny: It's not working.
Harry: Yes it is, it's green.
Livny: But it's flashing!
Harry: Green, means go. And you have a hair, on your shirt.
Livny: What? (still standing on the desk, now looking down at Harry confusedly)
Harry: You have a hair, on your shirt. And it's not, your hair.
Livny: What do you mean it's not my hair?
Harry: It's right there! (he pointed at the general region slightly above the belt)
Livny: (looks down, does not remove the hair, and jumps off the desk) It's probably your hair!
(we all snickered, hypothesizing why Harry's hair would be in that particular place on Livny's shirt. Just what do they get up to back there anyway?)
Harry: It's not, my hair!
Livny: You have long hair!
Harry: No...I had, long hair, in middle school.
Livny: How did you even notice the hair from down here?
Harry: I just know, a lot, about....strings.

Tea said...

dear god. did they carry on this conversation in french?

Jackie said...

hahaha no, it was blatantly in english and madame shellac was totally clicking her tongue in impatience. but, you know, it doesn't matter because Harry is good with...string.

Tea said...

is ...string supposed to mean something that I'm not getting?

Jackie said...

no. i just found it amusing. maybe you had to hear the way he said it to find it funny, like he was trying to think of something to finish his sentence that wouldn't be weird.